October 20, 2011

Wedding Photos II: The Portraits

Here it is, part dos of the wedding album. I changed my mind, there will be four parts: getting ready/ceremony (click here to see it), the portraits (which is this one), the reception, and the post-wedding shoot. Makes my life easier :)
Thanks for reading! Enjoy! ♥

This was right after our "first look" so I think we're both still kinda nervous, LOL!

I felt so silly!

Our gorgeous wedding party

Cheehoo! :)

Gosh, why are we always laughing! This is supposed to be serious!

Our photographer, Bryan at Amore Studios, found this wall by the pool. Thankfully, it was also by the bar. :)

My precious ladies ♥

What are you doing, Miss Shawnee and Miss Kim?

They're being fishies, like the wall. Then again, I don't know what Brett and Kari (blue dress) are doing. LOL!

One of my favorites!

Taking a shot to calm my noyvous jittahs!

Oooooh, yeah. That burned a little.

You can't really tell, but we are all getting bitten by mosquitos.

Handsome men.

Me + handsome men


I love this shot!

I was kinda opposed to doing this, but figured FINE why not.

Brett was more gung ho but it didn't quite work out.

I love this picture! Love everyone in it, too! :)

Brett's color-coordinated family.

The 'rents.

My family! Look at baby Kaitlin, she's checking out big brother! LOL!

The MIL and FIL.

My momma and stepdad.

Our favorite little people. ♥ You all did such a fab job!!

Tanner decided to sit on my knee :)

Baby Kaitlin, our little princess ♥

One of my favorites. 

Now prepare yourselves for lots and lots... and lots... of pictures of Husband and I.

My girls! Don't you love how Kristina and Tricia have their shoes off and the formal program hasn't even started yet?! Thanks for pointing that out, Trish, I didn't notice before! Hahaha! I love you guys. So fun.

Kristina wanted to be in this shot.

Okay, that's it for today! Stay tuned for parts III and IV! 
Big plans this weekend, with B finally here, we'll be going to the State Fair on Saturday and then I'm cooking him dinner (!) and we are staying in and playing house Saturday night! I'm making us some filthy Stoli martinis and we are doing absolutely nothing but vegging out, holding hands, and staring at each other. LOL!

I hope everyone else has just as fantastic a weekend!

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