October 12, 2011

Wedding Photos: Part Uno

 That's right people. This is only part one of what will probably be three parts total. I told you we have over a thousand pictures, right? There are a LOT. And I love a LOT of the LOT. So, buckle in, you lucky readers! ;)

 Marlo and me getting ready. Thank you Neysa for the super sweet Bride getting-ready-robe! You can see Tricia in the background getting ready, LOL! 

 OMG I had to post this pic--my husband is SO HANDSOME!!!! Ah, love him.

 Aaaaah... my dress ♥ I love that thing. It was soooo heavy though, look how it's bending the hanger! LOL!

 This is when I had a bridezilla moment and demanded my bridemaids to FLUFF ME!!! As soon as they started to I cracked up because it was so ridiculous.

 My mommy and grammy ♥ Aren't they beautiful?

 The nervous groom ♥

 HI BRETT SHOEMAKER!!!! You look sooo handsome!

 Braddah Keems! So good.

 I loved our tablescape! Thank you Always Flowers!!! (More reception pics in the next installment)

 The newly engaged Jeff and Brett's sister (they're not engaged to each other, LOL!)

 The also newly engaged Dan and my BFF from hanabada days (we met when we were SIX!), Shawnee (again, not engaged to each other)

Brett's buddy Phil, and my bestie from high school, Kristina.

Mister Wilde and my other bestie from HS, Nikki (and the one responsible for the invitations, seen here).

Brett's buddy Tony from grad school and my partner in crime, Kari. Seriously, she is the funnest. We have gotten into trouble together :)

Last but not least, best man Kyle (Brett's frat brother) and my gorgeous sister, the matron of honor, Kristin. BTW doesn't "matron of honor" sound so old? I took to calling her my old lady of honor. Sisters, we're so mean to each other ;) Love you SISSER

Our little kiddies, Peyton (my friend, Shellie's daughter), Tanner (Kristin's son and my nephew!) and Isabelle (Shawnee's daughter). They did sooo well! Stole the show! Peyton had been practicing for months, so she knew where she was going and the others followed her lead. ♥ Love them!

 Brett telling them what a great job they did :)

 We did a lei ceremony for our immediate family :)

 Aaaaw my baby choked up a little when he was reading his vows. We did make the decision to write our own--and we both vowed to keep misadventuring! LOL!

 Husband and wife!

 I love that Tanner is in the kiss picture!

 PHEW!!! What a relief, all that is OVER!!!!

 The one bridesmaid that almost made me cry multiple times preceremony ♥ Love you Shawnee :)

 My mommy 

 My baba chan

 My stepdad

 Peyton, you did such an amazing job!!!

And the deed is done!!!

We just got the marriage certificate this week. Yay! We are officially married! Now I have to get started on the paperwork (mountains and mountains) to change my name on everything.There is so much.

But first: honeymoon planning! We're doing one week in Hawaii and two weeks in southeast Asia in December. Sooo excited, especially after this first semester of pharmacy school. I can't wait to slip on a swimmie suit and lay out on the sand with a book, a cocktail, and my handsome husband. 

Just gotta get through the next two months...

Thanks for reading, my little cupcakes! 

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