November 22, 2011

Final Wedding Post!

I promised Shauna a post giving advice or tips or tricks or whatever to brides planning a wedding, so I'm making good on that right now! Here goes...

Tips for brides and grooms planning their wedding:

  • Hire a wedding planner! At the very least, have a day-of coordinator!
  • Incorporate themes and pieces that are uniquely you + your fiance
  • Enjoy the ride! Being engaged is such a happy and magical time :)
  • Don't freak out on your groom, which is easier said than done, lol! Try to keep in mind that you're beginning a partnership, full of compromise and honesty. 
  • I'm not a very good DIY-er so Etsy and Ebay were my best friends--message me for my favorite stores!
  • If you need help, ask for it! Your family and friends are happier and more eager to help than you think!
  • Be appreciative and grateful. Don't bridezilla out!
  • Hire a capable photographer and videographer--they are probably the most important vendors.
  • Make sure you communicate clearly and thoroughly your utmost wants and needs, to all your vendors. It's easy to get pushed over, which is another good reason to have a wedding planner, mine made darn sure I got everything my heart desired!

Any Regrets?

  • I wish we had more group pics: more pictures with the bridal party, a big pic with ALL the guests, and had time to go around and take pics with all the tables.
  • I gave a photo list to our photographers that was three pages long, which was impossible! Looking back, I should have put the ones I wanted the most that ended getting lost in the fray (ie the welcome table details, which I actually DIY'd). Not to say that I don't appreciate our photographers! They did an excellent job and I love every single photo!
  • I had a few bridezilla moments that I regret... sorry Mommy and sister (they're the lucky ones who got to witness it, not that they've never seen me brat out before!) LOL!

Other than that, not many regrets. I loved every minute of our big day! Hope you learned something from me airing our dirty laundry ;)

And finally, I thought it would be nice if we shared our vows with you... (click on them to enlarge!)

Rereading them makes me feel all warm and squishy inside. It also reminds me that the real reason for the whole wedding thang was to begin our marriage. And I'm so happy that he picked me :)

Two posts in one day--I'm maxing out my creativity quota... I think I'll force Husband to go for a run with me now.

And don't you stop believing either!

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