November 2, 2011

Hair cut!

Sorry, I'm ripping you off a little. These pics aren't very good ones of the new hair. I promise to remedy that soon with some help from Brett. But, this is the best I can do for now.

Those were taken the other night when Brett took me to see Jay-Z and Kanye in concert! It by far exceeded both of our expectations. And although we were surrounded by a lot of stoners doing what they do (my new hair was so stinky when we left!), it was a fabulous experience and we would highly recommend Watch the Throne if it comes to a city near you! Jay and Kanye did around 40 songs--they were still performing when we left (school night, 11:00pm, with an hour and a half drive home) two hours into it. All the songs you would want to hear from them, you heard.

So great. Love love loved it.



I have a brand spanking new crush on Jay-Z. He's hot. Sorry Husband.

So far, life with B in the boonies has been quiet and calm. Romantic. Fireplaces and wine and bubble bath type of stuff. We are so lame!!

Anyway, here are a few more pics from the past couple of weeks.

 Brett's favorite: chewy soft chocolate chip cookies. [I like mine crunchy]

 Plethora of pumpkins.

 I miss my long hair! Sad face. Lesson learned.

 Seriously, WHAT is that?

 This looks so pretty.

 Brett chose the ugly Shrek one.

And, in case you were wondering, the Campbell University College of Pharmacy class of 2015 passed the Top 100 Drugs exam! All 100+ of us! This has apparently never happened before, so I'm super proud of all of us! I'm personally blown away that I managed to get a 93% on it. Brett would probably respond with, "Why did you get 7% wrong?!" LOL.

Happy birthday to my sister from another mister, Tricia!!!! ♥ While watching reruns of Sex and the City today, I couldn't help but feel homesick for my girls. Wonder when the next opportunity for us to be all together again will be...?

Have a fabulous rest of the week! I have another exam on Friday :(

But in ONE MONTH I will be done with this semester (1/8th of my pharmacy school life!) and getting ready to leave for our three-week honeymoon!!!!! ♥


  1. Congrats on doing so well on your exam! That's amazing! These pictures are adorable, I love autumn activities.

    Oh, and your scarf is stunning!



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