November 25, 2011

Introducing Baking with Style!

Wow, nineteen thousand views! Thank you, my lovely readers! I know this isn't much on a grand scale of blogging, but I am super happy that there are about 1,500 views per month!

In light of that, I wanted to introduce to you my BFF's new blog: Baking with Style. Kristina and I have been best friends since that first day in 8th grade when I asked her to borrow a pencil and she scowled and said, "You should come to class more prepared." LOL! I thought she was super funny and sassy. And I was right! Seventeen years (and many misadventures together) later, we are tight as ever and only a couple hours (plane-wise) away from each other! She lives in New York City (on the fabulous Upper West Side) with her boyfriend, Brendan, who owns Donovan's Cellar, specialty pickled delights! Check them out!

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones--Brett and I got to spend time with his parents devouring a turkey and then devouring the shelves at Walmart at midnight :)

That's a pic of the beautiful dining room at the Shoes' house right before we sat down to our Thanksgiving luncheon feast! :) Today we're putting up Christmas decorations (and by "we," I mean "Brett and his parents," LOL!); later they're going to play golf while I study for finals.

I hope all of you out there going all Black Friday on me are having fun and not getting too nuts! No pepper spraying your neighbors, please! But spend that money, honey! :D

Wishing you and your family lots of love and laughter this holiday season! Don't you love the holidays? ♥

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