November 13, 2011

My Pinterest Obsession

I am obsessed with Pinterest. Brett thinks they should pay me for all the fantastic publicity I give them! LOL! They have recently really taken off, which has slowed their site down some (very frustrating for an impatient person like me) but all in all, it is still such a fun site to peruse! It's sort of a vast collection of all the eye candy on the internet that one would need.

So, here's the deal: you drag a "Pin It" button to your bookmark toolbar and browse shopping sites, food sites for recipes, fashion blogs, whatever, and when you see a picture you'd like to save or share, you press the little button. It's super easy! Pinterest allows you to categorize your pins onto pinboards so you can find stuff later. It's a valuable site for brides-to-be, students, interior designers, cooks, fashionistas, and shopaholics alike.

The best part is that you can browse everyone else's pins! And if you click on the picture, it will take you to the original site! You can buy those shoes, print that recipe, read the synopsis for the book, or what have you. If you're not on this site yet, you're missing out!

Here's a wrap-up of all my favorite recent pins:

I need these Loubies :)

Ready-made drinks! Brilliant!

Do you think Husband will let me bedazzle our camera strap?

I can work with these Miista booties.

This just makes me laugh. Who's walking who?!

OMG this past Friday's biochemistry exam!

I miss the island beachy life.

Cavapoo! OMG I want one! Did you know we're getting a puppy in January? Just trying to agree on  breed. That darn Husband wants a doberman =/

So beautiful! I want to run around Paris in this dress!

Definitely need to try my hand at a few of these!

Night shoot--what a great idea! Brett, I think we should do an anniversary shoot next year! LOL!

This picture is so beautiful, it gives me chills.

Perfect (and pretty!) for rainy or slushy or snowy days!

I love Roald Dahl. He definitely believed in magic!

Such a great idea

Tom Hanks says it like it is ;) This is a good motivator for the next three and a half years of pharmacy school!

One of my favorite shopping sites! Bamboo Sky ♥ Love that skirt!

Mmmmm... sweet potato cupcakes with marshmallow frosting!!

This dress is so New Year's Eve ready! Guess where we'll be?! [It's a surprise: Brett's Christmas present!]

LOL! This is my sister and my favorite movie! She can recite the whole thing from memory, with the voices and everything. Love this. So good.

This will take you to a DIY site that shares instructions for making the hair band AND  pulling up the 'do!

Notes from the tooth fairy for the little one to find in the morning! Cute, right?

I love this bedroom with the high ceiling, exposed beams, and chandeliers!

I am in lust with this closet.

Voted best style by Vogue magazine! Love them.

This will take you to a tutorial on DSLR use. We need to get more serious about that. :)

Stuart Weitzman wedges--perfect for our honeymoon!

Love this family portrait! Seriously can't wait to have little hapa babies with B :)

Everything big.

OMG plaid + wedding dress?! Ah. maze. ing.

Bookshelves up the stairs! Love that!

This is so presh.

Wants this House of Harlow bracelet. 

Can I tell you how much I admire this woman? She was also Brett's friend's babysitter growing up! 

This will take you to a video tutorial on how to do your hair like this! I love messy hippie hair :)
I love this color!

Ohmigoodness. Blake Lively.

Cocktails and crosswords. My favorite! Especially with B and my lovely Kari ♥

Have you met Boo? If not, you def should.

Have you seen fiercer shoes? I think not.

Chiang Mai, Thailand
That last picture means a lot to Brett and I because we will be there in a month! Well, we were going to go to Chiang Mai but decided instead to spend a more time in Phuket just lounging around to shave off some transportation time and make more time for absolutely nothing but sun and sleep ;)

Our honeymoon begins with a week in Hawaii --> Singapore --> Angkor, Cambodia --> Phuket --> Singapore! We'll actually be spending Christmas in Singapore, hopefully swimming in a pool on the roof deck of some swanky hotel ;)

But first: Thanksgiving! What are your plans?
I have so much to be thankful for ♥ Truly blessed :)
Happy Sunday, y'all!

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