November 14, 2011

Our New Whip :)

We got a new car last week! It's a brand spanking new Ford Explorer and we love it! Here are some pics...

  Three rows of seating! Seats six!(= four future babies, duh!)

To the right of the speedometer is the thingy that records your average mpg (it's not 12.8 anymore but 19.9 thank goodness!) and tells you how many more miles before empty gas tank. On the right of the speedometer lets you control sound system, climate, phone calls, and navigation.

 Electronic gadgets by Microsoft :)
The ambient lighting is projected on the floor at night and also around all the nooks and crannies, as shown below...

 Obviously it needs to be pink! :)

It has towing capability, so I think we should get a little boat. Or a jetski. 

Love the black grill.


Don't want to neglect our other baby:

Finally drove his car for the first time a few weeks ago and then again last week! I love it. So smooth and fast! :P Not that I sped or anything.

Since it was such a beautiful day out, Brett decided to go around the block a few times on his other set of wheels.

We are loving the sunshine! Such a change from Seattle! The other day, we went for a walk and Brett, out of no where exclaimed, "Look at the sky!" And I was confused. But he was just excited because there were no clouds, which never happens in November in Seattle!
It's the little things :)

Drawback of living in the sticks? The other morning I was driving to school and barely missed re-running over a huge deer in the middle of the road only to discover later that I did manage to run over its poop and get it all on my new car! Eeeek! Made Brett spray it off for me later. UuuuUuhhh *shudder* gross.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

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