November 12, 2011

Part Cuatro: Day-After Shoot


Phew! This should be my last Shoemaker wedding post! Lawdy that was a lot of pics! Sorry if I am boring the begeezus out of you!

When Bryan and Melody (of Amore Studios) told us that a day-after post-shoot was included in our package we were thrilled! The original idea had everyone from our bridal party joining us for a REAL "trash-the-dress" (and suit) sesh. But, with a lot of out-of-towners, it was just impossible to schedule (lots of people had to fly back Sunday, and we didn't have the heart to force them to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn with us).

And, I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but our friends can get a little rowdy and there was no way we'd have everyone show up on time (or at all) for a sunrise shoot. In fact, Brett and I were running late as well! Just a tad bit hungover. :)

There are 35 pics in this post, which is a lot less than the last one, but it's ALL of Husband and I so it's kinda boring. LOL! 

Alright, here you go, the last of the wedding pictures! Enjoy!

 Seychelle Joan wedges, pretty darn comfy! And the wedge made it perfect for the lawn/sand.

 Said shoes were not compatible with these reef rocks, though.
Neither were bare feet, those things were sharp!


 I really wanted to climb that with him. Should have.

 He's so silly.

 At a random abandoned house on the North Shore.

 Don't remember what's going on in this picture.


 Should've cropped out the yellow tape and traffic cone. Oh wells.

 We got a few weird looks. Whatevs.

 That shave ice was soooo good!

 I love my rings!! :)

 Saw Christine at Pipes! 

 Turtle, just chillin in the back.

 Those turtles are huge. Reminds me of Finding Nemo. Which reminds me of a pin I saw on Pinterest:
Cute yeah? :)

 Every girl deserves to be swept off her feet :D

 Getting down = not so graceful.

OMG I'm done! Yay!!! I have ONE MORE wedding-related post that I just remembered, which will be my "tips" or "advice" or "things I've learned" from this whole wedding-planning process. But then after that: donedonedonedonedone with wedding-anything! LOL! Except if one of my besties needs help planning one. :)

Here are the links to Parts I-III, if you missed those:

As always, thanks for reading and have a very merry weekend! Christmas shopping? Christmas music is all over the place and I loveitloveitloveit! 

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