November 11, 2011

The Shoe Reception: Part Tres

Oh my goodness... this post is the longest and most time-consuming post EVAR!!!

 Sorry for not being a more diligent blog writer, but school took over my life and an alien (hostile, nerdy old thing) took over my body the past couple of weeks. I'm back, at least for today!

So, here we go, Part III of the wedding pics. Links to Parts I and II here and here, respectively.

Warning: there are over 100 pics in this post! Overload, I know! LOL! But I know you all are sweet loyal readers who want to know about every last detail about this thang. So let's get started! :)

 Our programs, made by Nikkers! Sooo many compliments on them! Thanks sweet stuff! ♥

 My very beautiful sisser Krissypantsface. ♥ I miss her and the fam more than anything!

 My Skybox fambam. Sorry, Sara, you weren't ready!

 Those straws say "Cheehaw!" LOL. 

 Aaah! The favors! OMG I'm so in love with them! I had the wooden tags made by Roberto Sand (here's a link to his Etsy page) and the jars were packaged lovingly by my dear friends Robert and Teri from The Cookie Lady! People were raving about those cookies! They are my mother's absolute favorite and I always make a stop into their store when I'm in town. Thank you Mr and Mrs Lee! Lots of love ♥

 The cake was baked by my classmate from high school, Tiffanie Masutani, who bakes out of the kitchen she shares with her husband in a bowling alley! Believe it or not, this place has a crazy good reputation! The desserts were amazing! Tiffanie is such a wonderful baker! If you're ever in the area, go to Aiea Bowl and try her lemon crunch cake!! She made this little display cake for us and red velvet sheet cake to pass for the guests. Delicious!!

 Our wedding coordinator, the very lovely and organized Lissa Wilson of The Wedding Planners (highly recommended!) introduced us to the Ann Yonamine, who does these popcorn bars! They were a cute little snack during cocktail hour and she even packaged some up for guests to take home! You can choose from dozens of flavors, and our guests really liked it! Even the ones who've never had furikake before loved the hurricane popcorn!


 Found a crafter on Ebay who made this cake topper for really cheap ($20!) compared to the ones on Etsy (>$80). I tried looking for her information but unfortunately, I can't find it! Message me if you're desperate to know and I'll try a little harder! ;)

 Our sweetheart table, with lace overlay.
Tonight and Forever is the name of our first dance song and we thought it was appropriate enough to be on the table :)

 Loved the centerpieces by Todd from Always Flowers!

 Nikki, the graphic designer (of our stationary) and bridesmaid extraordinaire! I love this girl! We have been friends for about 17 years now!!

 Tee hee. So cute ♥

 Kari-Ann my partner in crime. I know that mischevious face anywhere!
P.S. What am I doing there in the background?

 Nice kick, Dan!

 Hi Phil!

 This was the "trouble-making" table. HA! Just kidding guys ♥

 Look there's my Babachan in the blue!

Sorry these are a little out of order, we walked in after these intros.

In case you were wondering, we got those B & E letters off of Etsy from Old New Again. My mom decorated them with flowers  :)

 Ben, you're the best.

 My mom's table. There's my stepdad and he's sitting with all of her friends from forever ago.

There's Robert and Teri (who did the fabolous favors) and Todd, Tori, Shellie, and her cute-as-a-button daughter (who we were lucky to have as our flower girl!), Peyton!
 Lina, Nikki, Lynnie, Damien, Seannie, Julie, Cadey.
My peoples.
They're good peoples.

 Mama! And my angel, Kaitlin.

 The family doing photo booth pics.

 My cuzzos.

 Brett had to use the potty so Christine was put in charge of babysitting me. Look at my plate. I was not hungry at all.  But the food was really good! (So they told me)

 Linakins and Nikkikins.

 Okay, so! I started the day with SHOTS! at the hotel bar before the ceremony. Just to take the edge off. I don't know if you know this about me, but I like to get people to have a drink with me. LOL. It's a part of my former life as a bartender. Persuade people to have a drink.

So, after the ceremony and the papers were signed and whatnot, I was all "Who's gonna take a shot with me?!" much to everyone's surprise. Not surprisingly (with my awesome group of friends) there were a lot of enthusiastic takers. 

Shots were plentiful.

We were lucky enough to have purchased our own liquor (from a wholesaler and from Costco and Don Quiyote) for reasonable prices--much better than hotel prices, that much I know for a fact. Anyway, we didn't buy enough! Not for this crowd! HAHAH!! 

So the pic above is our wedding coordinator, Lissa, getting money to buy more booze! We finished many bottles that night. So fun!

 Sara and Erik! All the way from Portland!

 My sis giving a speech and making me cry (tears of joy, of course!).

 All of our loved ones under the same tent at the same time! It doesn't get much better than that! Let's do it again! LOL!

 Mama Shoe giving the sweetest little speech/toast. ♥

 Oh! Toshkun did the banzai from the guests to the couple! OMG I asked him to go big, but he went even bigger! Love you Landon! :)

 And my new sister did the banzai from the couple to the guests! Good job, Miss Kim! Loves you too! :)

 Kyle giving his best man speech :)

 They look excited, but they're not, really.


 Look at that weak attempt. Tricia is like walking away!! And Neysa's hands are clenched together! LOL! But that's okay because I'd do the same thing before too.

 And there it goes. Way to go, ladies! :P

The "loser" who picked it off the ground. LOL! Christine, I love you! And can't wait to go to your wedding! Yeah, Pintande?

 Sean and Chris diving for it.

 Sean's caught it at every single wedding we've ever gone to!

 Thank you speech. Thanks for holding the mic, honey :)

 Our dance ♥

 Mother-son dance!

  Mama and Stepdad! They're so cute.
Sidenote: I like how my dress looks in this one. So vain, yeah?

 Fun with the photo booth! They were awesome (and affordable!)! Props were included!
Rent them from Picture This! Photography by clicking here!

 Lissa ♥ our wonderful wedding coordinator!

The sweetest and most selfless and generous woman alive! Well, tied with Baba and Sister too :) Love you Momma!

 Even Mr Shoemaker has the argyle socks! Love this pic!

 My sister and niece, Taylor!

 Teaching him how to dougie.

 Lots... and lots... and lots... of dancing pictures of these three guys :)

 My cousin, Nash, showing us how it's done!

 OMG my Tannercakes is the cutest little boy ever. No really. Truly.

 *sigh* Peter and Micah. I think they were doing this in my bar the first time I met them ;)

 Celeste and Michal!

 Shel, Kari, and Tortor! Love these girls!


 Sister, Kaitlin, and Trish. I love this picture so much. 
Plus you can see me and B getting it on in the back. LOL!

 Kar, Shawnee, and Shel ♥

 Abandoned for the dance floor and the bar.

 These chicks know how to make a girl laugh. And laugh. And laugh.

 Uncle Mike getting down!

 The reason for the whole party :)

 Our signature drinks were gone by the end of cocktail hour! We direly underestimated how much liquor we needed!

 Dan and Alani! Who recently got engaged! Congrats guys!!

 My Maryknoll buddies ♥

 Aw cute :)

 My favorite people

 Oh Sean.

 Funnest couple of the year award goes to these guys.

 Kristi and Landon :)

 Hi babycakes!

 My bro-in-law showing some daddy love to his daughters! Love this picture so so much.

 Our dance floor was too small! LOL

 Trishee telling us something important.

 Justin and Sara!

We are CHEEEEEEhooo-ing. Yes, drunk. Yes, happy. Yes, best night ever.

Looking forward to many more amazing memories with my man, my fam, and my extended family (a.k.a. friends) in the many years ahead!

Love you all and thank you for reading!
[I know this is a long post, so thank you for bearing with me!]

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