December 28, 2011

Hau`oli Makahiki Hou!

That means Happy New Year! We are back from our wildly fun and slightly misadventured three weeks of honeymoon radness! ♥ I am happy to report that I am more in love with Husband than ever and completely blissed out from all that we have seen, done, experienced, felt, witnessed, recorded...Everything. Was. Amazing. 

Hawaii, as usual, stole my heart. My friends and family, you are all so dear to me and it makes me sad to live so far from all of you! Please come visit me soon! ♥

The rest? Well, in a nutshell, Singapore was lovely to behold and get lost in, from Little India to Chinatown to the luxe stores on Orchard Road. There was lots to see and do, but it was overall kinda pricey. We got lost a lot and were bummed we needed our passports to get into the huge fancy casino. Cambodia was absolutely inspiring--our favorite leg of the journey! People there were friendly, the food was delicious, and the temples and other sights awed me. I wanted to be awed, and it was mission accomplished in Cambodia. Finally, we tumbled through Phuket, Thailand, which was like the Vegas of southeast Asia! It was so fun! More detailed post to come, for sure!

All in all, I have to say: the best food came from the humblest kitchens, the most happiness found where material goods were scarcest, and that there is so much beauty in the world to discover; I am absolutely blessed to have the love of my life to share all of these experiences with! Honeymoon = one huge amazing funny date = massive success! 

It took us 32 hours of commute to get back to our little house in North Carolina, catch 5 hours of sleep, and then take off again with the Shoe clan to the NC State Bowl Game (The Belk Bowl) against the Louisville Cardinals--which we won! It was such an exciting game and so fun to tailgate with the Shoes and our extended family. 

Now, a day later, we are spending our first night back in our home, just the two of us, some Netflix, some take-out, and an ungodly amount of laundry to fold and mail to sort and it feels so so SO GOOD. 

We get our lives back in order tomorrow, then dinner with the parentals-in-law, then we are off to Washington, DC for this New Year's weekend! We're super excited to spend time with friends there plus this is my first NYE not at work bartending in almost a decade!!! I don't have to sneak a kiss at midnight from behind the bar to Brett this year! Woohoo!! I got a dress from Rent the Runway, got pretty hair candy jewels, and I'm ready to get our groove on! LOL! 

So although I would love to upload all the honeymoon pics now, we took over one thousand pictures on three different cameras and I don't have the time nor the energy to organize and edit them right now. So, here's a "sneak peek" at our last three weeks of awesomeness...

 Isabelle and Tanner at our Secret Santa dinner! They are growing up so quickly!

 My favorite little man ♥

 Uncle Brett and Baby Kaitlin :)

 First attempt at a self-timer group pic... but the glass got in the way.

 Second attempt, and the yellow bucket reflection got in the way. We gave up after this.

 Just the girls (and Tanner)! Love them.

 My Maryknoll boys. They are the best.

 Interesting group pic

 Arm wrestling Meeshiebelle... her twiggy arms are exceptionally strong! LOL!

 Bucky and Brett... this was a stale mate. 

 Happy birthday, Tanner! Three years old already?!

 Mama and the kids ♥

 Sean can sing good.

 Lunch with Grammy (right) and her baby sis :)

 Maryknoll peeps :)

 Hanging out with Husband on the beach by our hotel

 First day in Singapore! 

 The hotel & casino in the background

 Our first tuk-tuk ride in Cambodia!

 There were families piled on the backs of mopeds (two adults, three kids were the most we saw) and it was pretty much no rules, just go when cans!

 Cambodian curry and chicken amok! So good.

 Angkor Wat at sunrise

 Nine hundred year old temple

 Two monkeys!

 Espresso break

 At the temple where they filmed Tomb Raider!

 This crazy paparazzi kept following me!

Getting silly on our first night in Thailand...

 There were Connect-4's in every bar!

 Eat bugs!

 Open beer garden + concert on the beach by our hotel! So fun!

 Brett on the phone talking business while I wait and get harassed outside the booth.

 Date night number 18.

 First dirty martini in a while! Didn't trust the ice til now.

 Pictures of cancer on the box.


 Speedboating to various islands!

 Viking Cave

 Lil Weezy

 Sunset in Phuket

 So silly, this guy

 Happy New Year! Police Station! Hollywood! Discotheque! Patong Beach!

 Writing on our lucky lantern ♥

 Banana and Nutella pancake at midnight :)

 Back in the chaotic streets of Singapore!

 Wandering on Christmas Day

 He carries my things when I'm tired :)

Our hotel! Check out the pool on the 12th floor! So cool!

Wow, that took me a lot longer than I anticipated...guess I posted more pics than I thought I would (couldn't resist, they brought back happy memories!). 

Also, I didn't have any from my favorite day on this particular camera so I stole some from my Instagram:

 A floating village of Tonle Sap, Cambodia! This day was absolutely breath-taking! 

 These kids were paddling their way to school. Their families spend their whole lives as fishermen on the lake on their boat houses, way cool.

I'll post more thoroughly soon! Gonna enjoy this last weekend of 2011 (the best year ever, so far, anyway!) and kiss Husband's face off at midnight! I expect you to do the same!



  1. What lovely photos!! Congratulations on your marriage. You and your husband look so happy and in love :) Hawai'i is such a beautiful place. it looks like you guys had a blast on your trip!! Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks, Jean! Took a quick peek at your blog and love it! Your son is adorable. Happy holidays!

  3. Loved the pics from your honeymoon! I'm so glad you guys had a great time. :)

  4. Thank you, Tabitha, and congrats to you again! I love the nursery pins on your Pinterest! You and Matt are going to make the funnest parents!


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