December 2, 2011

Last Post for THREE WEEKS!

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Yes, I always do leave part of my heart in HI because my family and besties are there. It makes my heart hurt when I leave and Husband has to comfort me every time, poor man. Sometimes even while we're there with everyone I feel a little sentimental.

Said better:
Excess of joy is harder to bear than any amount of sorrow.
                                       -- Balzac 

But I get to see everyone again for a week! Already we have pot luck dinner with the girls (and their significant others and/or babies) planned as well as a BBQ at the Enrights' fabulous pool! Aaaah, so excited.

So this past week was one final per day, with the last one completed about an hour ago. I cannot tell you the amount of relief that is just flooding over every single one of us P1-ers! If we could all hold hands and dance around in a circle, I think we totally would. We survived our first semester and are 1/8th done! Whew! Only 7/8ths more to go! LOL!

Okay, so while I was studying my life away this past week, I (finally?) discovered Coconut Records, Jason Schwartzman's solo music project. HELLO?! Why has no one told me about this before?

Uh. He just got way cooler in my book.

My favorite (and so fitting for our trip!):

I don't really have much else to report, but I don't want to rip you off with a short post, since I'll be M.I.A. for the next three weeks! So I'll just share my favorite pins from Pinterest instead :)

 Miss Selena Gomez, who is more than a decade younger than me wearing a dress that I would wear the crap out of! LOL! She is such a pretty young thing :) As my sis would say, "She's too much woman for the Biebs." LOL!

 And he's my mister!

 So good.

 We won't be in the States to see all the Christmas trees, but maybe there will be some up in Singapore? Anyone know?

 Those two. Always looking fab. ♥ them.

 Mmmm... elderflower champagne cocktail. St Germaine is my favorite.
 I love Bando's lace metallic headband
 She is so major.

How to pair 'dos and earrings, as modeled by the gorgeous Kate Bosworth.

 Love all the pops of color and mismatched prints!

 Mmmmm... Brett made this spicy thai shrimp vermicelli salad the other night (recipe by my lovely friends at Girl in the Green Apron) and it was so good!!

 Really hoping a little Cavapoo puppy will be under our tree... or on our doorstep... when we get back!

 These are so good! 

 Playing (outside, dress up, with friends) never gets old.

 The colors and lighting in this loft pleases my eyeballs so very much ♥

 Karlie Kloss, looking absolutely breathtaking! I want that outfit, too, from hair jewels to necklace, cardigan, bracelets, ALL OF IT!!

 The Fanning sisters, so ethereal.

 I love this little birdcage. It kinda reminds me of Princess Vespa from Space Balls, too, LOL!

 One day, when we have $10k lying around... this will be in my closet. 

 Gosh, I know I said I was done with all things wedding-related, but I absolutely love/am obsessed with this gown! So Pretty!!

 ...And this headpiece too. Isn't it drop-dead gorg?! I would wear that everyday, if it was accepted by the general population!

 That's Giuliana Rancic's ring on top (modeled by her makeup artist). Blaow! ;)
Found this one amusing :)

Since I won't be here to tell you on the day of, I wish you now a very happy holidays! I hope your Christmas is cheery and bright, full of love and laughter, and many new shoes! 
By the way, love this as a holiday card! We're totally gonna dress our son like his Daddy! :)

And with that I bid you adieu...
[and misadventure, too, of course!]

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  1. Have so much fun on your trip and I MUST try that salad. Looks so good.


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