January 29, 2012

Funsies with Instagram

Family love (the first faces I see in the morn besides Husband!) // Gifts from my girls ♥

Fave wedding photo // Sightseeing in Singapore

Helen Keller quote // Peaceful moment in Thailand

International monies (more soon, hopefully!) // My silly hobbit hubby

Beautiful sunrise in Buies Creek // Me showing you my new "B" and "E" earrings!

Coach relic from a past life // Husband at the mall on a sunny winter day

Pretty floral pumps at F21 // Nostalgic mementos

What I wore to fancy dinner with the Shoes // A peek at one of my boudoir pics

 My attempt at dotty nail polish // The "Our First Christmas" ornament from my Momma ♥

Getting some sugar // My newly organized jewelry drawer

Us being funnies at the pharm school apothecary ball // Lovely HDT quote at the Smithsonian in D.C.

Washington Monument // The keychain from my bestie, Trish ♥

Good Sunday mornin y'all! The huz and I have been very busy and productive this weekend and after one more errand, we look forward to some quality quiet time :) 

Hope you enjoyed this quick Instagram post...follow me at erinshoe! 

January 20, 2012

Honeymooners 4: Phuket

Last honeymoon post! Ah, Phuket. What do you think of when you think of Phuket? I envisioned pristine white sandy beaches, bluer than blue clear ocean, beautiful old-fashioned "dragon" boats and lush green mountainsides. And, sure we got some of that.

But what I didn't expect was the bar scene and constant heckling from vendors! There was a t-shirt we saw that said, "No, I don't want a f**king suit, tuk-tuk, or massage!" Because you get asked that on every block. Like five times. There are also people shoving food menus in your face and practically pushing you into their restaurant.

The bar scene was cuh-raaay-zy! Kinda sad, too. Let's just say there's a lot of partying, lots of "dating," lots of indecorous and unbecoming behavior. Um, but you know, no judgment. Brett and I would play this game, "Rented or Owned?" while we people-watched. There was a lot of renting going on.

All in all, Phuket was fun. I mean super fun! We were there for nearly a week, so we didn't feel like we had to rush to see and do everything, so it was mostly lay around on the beach all day and party all night. It's like we were 25 again! Haha!

Thank you for joining me on the recap of our super fun misadventure! Enjoy the last of our pictures!

Two old men. We laughed and said they were Brett and one of his friends, if he's not careful and loses me. Obvs Brett is the one checking the time.

Harassing the bar girl!

Hungry? Got some grasshoppers and crickets.
Mmmm... lots of protein?

Worms, yum!
Nikki I know you think these actually look delicious, and I shake my head at you. Love you still!


These desserts actually looked and smelled really good!

Lots of different kinds of kebobs.

More bugs!

Eeeew roaches!

He wouldn't eat any of the bugs :)

Ninety-nine baht for a cocktail = 3 bucks.
Bucket = 8 bucks. Not bad.

Hello Kitty themed tuk-tuk

Brett's new fave beer (high-ish alcohol content)

He was so impressed!

Theater snack options

Playing "Jackpot," which is so fun and addicting, I think we'll have to find it on eBay or something!

Drinking beer and people-watching on the beach

We found a random beach party!

The view from our hotel room

A couple of drinks at the hotel bar before heading out for the night :)

Our hotel. Highly recommended!

Brett says on our honeymoon, it was just him, his wifey, and Facebook. Haha! Sorry!

He's hungry. Ask him about his fish-eating days. Ask him.

Thai boxing time!

Hot New Zealander paying her respects before the match

And she kicked butt!

Lots of pics of guys kicking each other

She could totally beat you up :)


Told you there were a lot

Both of these guys were from Thailand (the other matches had at least one person from Australia, Denmark, Canada, etc)

Packed house! Pretty much...

They all did these dances and bows before to show respect to their trainers and to the sport and stuff...

He's done

More dancing. They played, sorry if this sounds bad, but "snake charmer" music the whole time, even during the fights.

Someone got a little hammered at the fights.

Next night, we went to a fancy dinner!

We got to sit out on the beach and we were their only customers! I think it was because we went late..?

Sunset on the beach across the street from our hotel

Little one with lots of beer bottles!

Crossing the streets is sooo scary! People just drive any kine!

Beer with dinner! I learned quickly that there are pretty much only two dishes I could eat--everything else was spicy! And beer does not help when your mouth is on fire!

That's mine. So refined, right?


What? How did I end up in Waikiki?

OMG I kept winning! Too bad we weren't in Vegas!

Brett rolled this and it was stuck on a corner. No matter, he still lost  :P

Writing on our "lucky" lantern

Finishing touches...

Tonight & Forever (our wedding song)

And there it goes!

Dance party on the beach! They were throwing each other in the water! I have pics, but they look inappropriate, so I won't post them.

Brett took this because he liked that it said "piss."

The crazy streets

We rented two beach chairs for about $5/day

People selling everything from saris/wraps, food, lamps (?!), wooden trinkets, etc would walk up and down the rows

Playing in the water

Um. Yeah.

So silly

Floating our cares away :)

OMG so this is a Russian chick (and her Speedo'd sig other) rolling around on the beach like a drunken Victoria's Secret model. Everyone was watching like, "Are you serious?" It was so funny! Thirty seconds after we took this picture, an older Asian lady started rolling around right next to her. Brett and I died laughing.

I want to go back to Koh Phi Phi!

So peaceful 

On Monkey Beach

Look at these fat monkeys!
Can't be good for them

I was scared it would poke my eye out because I didn't have any bananas

Snorkeling by marine caves! So cool!

This guy (who worked on the boat we took out there) was feeding them and then would catch one with his bare hands so we could touch them.

My goober floating off on his own :)
Isn't that backdrop amazing?

So happy!
Side note: the guys working on the boat kept throwing bananas at us, which would make all the fish swim up right under/next to you! I was screaming my head off!

Stop for lunch!

Eating seaside ♥

We even had time for a swing!

The water was sooo nice

He's trying to be like those ladies on the beach :) This pic always makes me chuckle

Last day, about to hang out at the hotel pool

The honeymoon wouldn't be complete without blended drinks!

Mango flavored and at happy hour, so they were $3!

We also ordered this weird layered (and warm!) martini. It was kinda gross. But we still drank it!

So that's it! Again, I have to say that this was the trip of a lifetime! I learned so much--about other cultures and people, geography (I had no idea how far these countries are from each other!), my sweet husband, and myself :) Truly unforgettable. It made me realize just how blessed I am and how skewed my priorities may be sometimes. I have always vowed that my first real pharmacist paycheck will go completely to a bag (Chanel, namely, but Balenciaga was a close second), but now I'm reconsidering. Maybe I should put it to good use... like another trip to Southeast Asia?

Happy Friday, readers! How do you plan to spend the weekend? I'm grabbing dinner with some friends tonight and look forward to Husband's return (from another work trip) tomorrow! I hope you enjoy some quality time with loved ones ♥

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