January 11, 2012

Honeymooners: Hawaii

Hey readers! How is the new year treating you so far? It has hit both my hubby and I hard...with a cold! Uuuughhhh... not a fun way to start school! But we're dealing with it, with as little complaining as possible. Instead, we matrimonially bond through our similar symptoms and meds. 

I finally uploaded...? downloaded? (whatever) the honeymoon pics! I told you before that we used three cameras: the DSLR, a simple digital point-and-shoot, and a waterproof camera. I already shared the simple digital pics, so here are the pics from the other two! From my beloved Hawaii only this time. Sorry, I would post more, but I've got a few things to get done tonight ♥ Soon, I promise.

 I love my spam musubis! I don't get why Brett doesn't like them...

 Palm trees and Christmas trees.

 Hubby and I in a hotel lobby (not our hotel, mind you, but the neighboring one, LOL!)

 Making like bums and hanging out on a bench at the beach.

 Isn't my niece a DOLL?! OMG she's the cutest.

 My nephew, Tanner. He's such a cutie ♥

 We got them personalized stools and the letters come out!

 Uncle Brett and Kaitlin ♥ They're good friends :)

 My bestie, Nikki ♥

 My lifelong forever buddies :)

 Why, aren't you handsome?

 Happy, everyday (pretty much), for the rest of our lives :)

 Because he just got his huuurs did.

 At Makapuu.

 We made it to the tide pools!

Thinking deep thoughts.

I've noticed that a bunch of people have recently joined Pinterest, and I love it!! In case you haven't yet (what are you waiting for?!), here are some of my favorite recent pins...

 Pillow fight aftermath

 Antlers as jewelry organizers

 Puppy and pretty clothes, don't need anything else!

 Infatuated with Tiff (check out her blog here) and her store, Bamboo Sky! Really want this Indah maxi dress

 This green marbled bathroom blows my mind.

Cascading hair ornaments

 NYC in the Springtime... we will be seeing you!

 Lacy white prairie skirt

 Perfect pink lace-up wedges

 Love this little note to self

 OOOHmigosh. The Time Traveler's Wife is my favorite book of all time. It made me cry. For. Days. The movie was meh, but I still love it so--maybe because of Bana and McAdams. When she says, "I wouldn't change one second of our life together," so good. Chills.

 The perfect shade of pale pink

 Plan on it

 Dream home

 Love me some vintage Gwen. Remember when we saw her and her hubby in Central Park, Brett? LOL! He had no idea who they were while I freaked the you-know-what out. Classic.

 Karlie Kloss for Free People

 I love HI so.

 All studded everything. Click the link to take you to another link to take you to a list of links where you can purchase

 Atlantic-Pacific plays with purple

 Displaying your pictures creatively

 Everyday, I try to. Some easier than others.

Jeffrey Campbell Ponytail heels. In love 

Peas Pass the Pepper Shakers... cute for a wedding cake topper, right?

Michelle Williams in Miu Miu, so elegant! Can't wait to Netflix My Week with Marilyn.

You really are! All of you! 

I know you have a lot to do with your time--work, rear children, study, etc, so the fact that you take time out of your busy day to keep up with my goings-on means a lot! I hope you are enjoying the new year and making the most of every day!


  1. Congratulations on your marriage! Hawaii is like the perfect honeymoon destination. You guys look just adorable together! And your niece and nephew are too cute! I would love to live with a giant closet full of shoes as well :)

    1. Thank you, darlin! You're very sweet, and I love your blog! ♥ Xx

  2. congrats on getting married hon!! you and your hubby are SO adorable together.. i'm jelly you went back to visit home.. i'm DYING to go back to hawaii.. i miss it so.. it's even harder now that i'm in europe.. i miss the food :(

    1. Aw, thank you Lisa! Your European adventures look AMAZING!! And your hubby is super sweet :) Xx


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