January 13, 2012

Honeymooners 2: Singapore

Part 2 of our honeymoon pics! Because we flew into and out of Singapore, we managed to make time to spend a few days there both times! I've incorporated the pictures from both visits here, to make it simpler.

Enjoy! :)

Green tea and strawberry flavored Kit-Kats. So good!

The view from the plane as we descend into Singapore! Look at all those ships!

Driving into the city from the airport

First day sightseeing! We bought tickets to a hop-on hop-off bus. These two behind me would see us and stop on the side of the road for us even if we weren't at the bus stop! We saw them ALL DAY. They were awesome!

It was a little drizzly :)

B trying to figure out where to go and what to do... we didn't really have a game plan!

Downtown, looking at the government buildings, this is my historian reading me stories.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino in the background

The Boat Quay

A bunch of restaurants in Chinatown

Tiger beer with our lunch. We like to drink in the daytime

Buddhist temple

We couldn't figure out what they were playing but it looks fun :)

Husband thought this was ironic

At Clarke Quay

Babies playing in the fountain

This baby was so funny!

Having a cocktail at Crazy Elephant

Temple in Little India

We did a lot of walking this day! All over the city!

Press for green man! Their walking man is so much peppier than ours!

At a mosque

Pretty little side street

We were walking by this shop when the owner grabbed us, took us to the back, and made us get in this and take pictures! He was so funny!

Best coffee I've ever had! It was sooo good! Don't know what it was...

More walking!

Fifty-seventh floor happy hour!

Brett working on his photog skills

A million Bretts

Ah! Cheap magazines! I. Can't. Walk. Away.

A lot of the other girls were doing it, so I did too. What? Don't judge.

The view from the pool at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. We didn't stay there because we thought $700/night was a bit much.

So we had a round of drinks there (yeah, we drank a lot on this trip) and the bill was like $50!! For TWO drinks! Needless to say, we didn't go back again :)

The floating soccer field (Brett was obsessed)

The view up into the hotel

Wandering Chinatown

Went to the food pavilion for dinner! It was good! And we drank more beer! :)

Please mind the platform gap. BTW, the subway was so clean, fast, and efficient. Love.

You sign the ball and then they float it on the water and do something with all of them on NYE... but I don't know what they do...

We went on a "night safari" at the zoo!

And all we took were pictures of flamingos and...

...these cows. LOL! There were a lot more and it was awesome! Ah well.

Our second time in Singapore and we stayed at the Quincy Hotel, which had a pool on the 12th floor.

It was cold (70ish) and windy so I'm debating whether to go in or not...

Brett hopped in!

But he's freezing! [I eventually got in too]

Lunchtime! This hotel was awesome--all the meals were free! There was also a free limo ride from the hotel, free cocktails from 6-8pm, free WiFi, free laundry service... I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

Mmmmm! Burgers after swimming in a pool--why is it so awesome?!

Christmas day! It was crazy windy!

Wandering the busy Orchard Road

We had to stop for some happy hour. Husband was not happy with the crowded streets

I just bought a new dress so I'm fine

Get the man another beer!

After we ate some lunch, we treated ourselves to rice/coconut cake things. They were good!

Look at those streets! So crazy busy!

Someone is fed and happy again!

Uuuughhh... did not want to go back out there...


Taking funny pictures in the elevator, one of the things that we excel at.

So the hotel also did movie nights at the pool and supplied the floaties, snacks, drinks, and movie! It was so fun!

Us pool playing in the daytime.

Grossssss, I know, but look at the view we had! This city was crazy busy, exciting, full of great food, awesome shopping, and lots of drinking fun (ha! Sorry Mom!). While it was great, it was not our favorite stop... that would be the next leg of our journey, Cambodia! You'll have to stay tuned for those pics! 

Husband was in Seattle all week for work and gets back today--can you imagine my excitement?! 

Happy Friday the 13th and Happy Weekend!! ♥ 

                                  Grief can take care of itself,
                                                              but to get the full value of joy, 
                                                                                               you must have somebody to divide it with.
                      -Mark Twain


  1. awwwww, so lucky. you're honey moon looked so fun. i'd love to get lost in a new country with shane. bless you two love birds!

    1. Thank you so much, Tiff! ♥ We're trying to get all of our international travels done before popping out the mini-Shoes :)
      Lots of love,
      P.S. Are the Indah maxis going to be sold online? Teehee.


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