February 24, 2012

Three Years Ago Today...

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of our First Date! It started as "just one happy hour drink" and turned into seven hours of crazy fun! Basically, we got tipsy and ran around Capitol Hill in Seattle. We also started our little tradition of photo booth pictures, of which we have now collected more than thirty! If you had told me three years ago that I would be married to this guy now, I don't know if I would've believed you.

Anyway, that, above, is our first ever photo booth strip that we took together, on said first date. Documented on the back is the quote that started it all, "There's a photo booth here, take pictures with me," at Cha Cha Lounge on Pike Place, February 24th, 2009.

We've taken a few more since then, each with their own quote and location, from New York to Portland. We were going to display them at the photo booth that we rented for our wedding, but decided against it--they are too precious to expose to the natural Hawaiian beach elements. We'll probably have them framed or put in a photo album at some point. I love reminiscing and looking through them.

From there, we went on a string of dates, each more exciting and crazy than the last. It was like Brett was in competition with himself to outdo the last one! He even kept a log of where we went and what we did so that there were no repeats.

My favorite might be number 9: a date that lasted from 9 in the morning until midnight! But you know they were all amazing! Falling in love with Husband was so easy. He even once romanced me while he had the flu, dressed up in bow tie and suspenders with a wad of Kleenex in his pocket! Thank you, honey, you certainly swept me off my feet (minus the boxing class, LOL!)! And if you think it's weird that he recorded all of our dates, you should see the records he kept leading up to the Proposal or our wedding spreadsheet. Talk about OCD!

 Birthday cake on my nose

 Built our own beer pong table on our front yard for Sunday Funday

 Dressed up with our buddies

 XO ♥

 Duck tour!

 Enjoying the sun on the deck at Ray's Boathouse in Ballard

So, that's how I ended up with B! We certainly had a fun and highly misadventured courtship. I feel so blessed to have found someone that keeps me young and with whom I can laugh, cry, and be myself with. 

Yes, I am indeed lucky that Brett's vows included never having any "What-if's" and he is determined to take me on as many mischevious journeys as he possibly can!
And how can you NOT have (mis)adventures with this guy:
Stole that from his Facebook page. This was at a St. Patty's Day Dash, pre-Erin, by the way.

I do wish you the very happiest and misadventured weekend of your own! Cheers!

February 21, 2012

Our Next Misadventure!

Spring Break is quickly approaching and we are getting ready for our second international trip! Brett has been busy planning a little week-long visit to Panama, namely Panama City and Boquete. We are looking forward to the 85 degree tropical weather, jaunts to the beach and through the cloud forests in the mountains. To be honest, I have no idea what is in store for us, or what Husband has planned (thanks, love!) but I do know that I am over-the-moon excited! 

If you have any travel tips for us, please feel free to share! Here are some Pinterest pics I've been busy hunting down!

Star Beach, Bocas del Toro
San Blas Islands
My new Acacia Swimwear swimmie! So excited! And, don't worry, Momma,
the bottom I got actually covers my okole! :) Teehee.
Thanks for reading, my lovelies! Have a wonderful, blessed, and happy rest of the week!

February 18, 2012

Valentine's Week!

That's right, people. This whole week was all about LOVE. Because I had presentations all day in Raleigh on Tuesday and a biopharmaceutics exam on Friday morning, we didn't really get to do the date night thang on V-day. Instead, Brett made dinner, got flowers, and wrote me a sweet little letter. Perfect!

Best husband in the world got a sweater and tee plus a card from me, in case you were wondering. Last night was supposed to be the real date night: dinner at an Italian restaurant followed by a cocktail and a movie--a really sappy girl movie, The Vow. Here's how the night really went: dinner at a pizza parlor (so good!), a drink at the ale house down the street, and beer on our couch with a DVD from Netflix on. Not romantic in the traditional sense, but it was absolutely what we both wanted!

I hope that you all had a great Valentine's Week as well! ♥ Here are some of my favorite lovey-dovey Pinterest images:

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! We have a hectic couple of weeks coming up before our Spring Break vacation--lots to get done and then we are off to Panama for a week! More on this in an upcoming blog post; needless to say Brett has been busy planning our next misadventure. I thought this next picture is fitting for my life since meeting the Husband...

Get out of your comfort zone.

February 9, 2012

In memory...

This time every year I get a little sad and a little sentimental since it marks the anniversary of my friend, Daniel's passing. It's still hard for me to fully accept the finality of his being gone, and five years later, it still hurts like hell. But, ever so slowly, I'm getting there.

It helps to think of our fun times together: the laughs, our silly political arguments, how he was adamant about me finding my Prince Charming--to stop dating the "bad boys" (he would've been very pleased with my Brett!), the brunches and bloody mary's at the Elk's Club with Alana. I laugh when I remember the time my bestie, Kari, went to his house to watch The Notebook, fell asleep, and when she woke up she found him in tears. We never stopped teasing him about that. Or when she and I were too scared to jump off some rocks into the ocean (the only way down from where we were), he picked us both up, one in each arm, walked us in, and set us gently down, much to our delight. ♥ He was the best.

I just wanted to take some time to thank him, for the happiness he brought to so many lives and for the ultimate sacrifice he made for people he loved. If you're interested, here is a memorial piece about him.

Daniel Browne-Sanchez
June 11, 1979 - February 10, 2007
Love you forever ♥

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