February 9, 2012

In memory...

This time every year I get a little sad and a little sentimental since it marks the anniversary of my friend, Daniel's passing. It's still hard for me to fully accept the finality of his being gone, and five years later, it still hurts like hell. But, ever so slowly, I'm getting there.

It helps to think of our fun times together: the laughs, our silly political arguments, how he was adamant about me finding my Prince Charming--to stop dating the "bad boys" (he would've been very pleased with my Brett!), the brunches and bloody mary's at the Elk's Club with Alana. I laugh when I remember the time my bestie, Kari, went to his house to watch The Notebook, fell asleep, and when she woke up she found him in tears. We never stopped teasing him about that. Or when she and I were too scared to jump off some rocks into the ocean (the only way down from where we were), he picked us both up, one in each arm, walked us in, and set us gently down, much to our delight. ♥ He was the best.

I just wanted to take some time to thank him, for the happiness he brought to so many lives and for the ultimate sacrifice he made for people he loved. If you're interested, here is a memorial piece about him.

Daniel Browne-Sanchez
June 11, 1979 - February 10, 2007
Love you forever ♥

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