March 6, 2012

Greetings from Panama!

Us on the plane to Panama City!
Hey y´all! Just a quick post to say hello and apologize for the lack of bloggage lately. Husband and I are currently globetrotting and I was so caught up in making sure I finished all my student duties before we left that I forgot to write a farewell post! Here are some of our Instagram pics from this trip so far!

View of an incredible building from our hotel in PC

The Shoes at the ruins in the Old City
Sunset in the Old City

Caiparinhas under the moon with my Best Friend ♥

Lunch atop a hillside on Isla Taboga

About to get on a tiny propeller plane to take us to the mountains of Boquete!

Well, that´s all for now, folks! This Spanish keyboard is frankly killing me and we are off to a lovely dinner! Please check out my friend, Tabitha´s blog tomorrow, as I got the opportunity to do a guest post! Be on the lookout: Defining Tabitha. Muchos gracias, mi amigos! Buenos noches!!


  1. Found you via Tabitha! Love all the adventures!

    xx Vivian @

  2. Thank you, Vivian! ♥ I'll be jumping to your blog now! :) Xx


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