March 22, 2012

Panama, Part One!

Hello lovelies! I hope that you had a very productive week and are about to have a truly unproductive (read: relaxing!) weekend! I have to apologize again for neglecting my loyal readers (ie: my Momma ♥)--I blame school. We had our second clinical biochemistry exam this week and it went "meh." Now I feel I finally have time to write our first real Panama post! There will be one more since I didn't want to post a thousand pictures on one post, in case you were wondering.

If you read my previous one, you will already know about the highlights of the trip. which includes food poisoning and a sting ray. Exciting stuff. Overall, I had a lot of fun and made more memories with Husband, who is truly the funniest and sweetest person ever. He is also the best planner/organizer, so if you ever have an opportunity to travel with this guy, take it! He's awesome. I cannot sing his praises enough :) Love you, B! 

The only thing that we had trouble with was the language! Both Hubby and I took French in college so we were useless in communicating with people. I would definitely recommend going with a fluent Spanish-speaker or studying up before going. Otherwise, it was a perfect misadventure! Here's a bit of what we did! 

We walked around the ruins of the Old City. Captain Morgan, the real guy that the rum cartoon character is based on, looted and burned it to the ground in the 1890s. 

This is the "new Old city," Casco Viejo. It's a special little part of Panama City, where on one street there's fancy restaurants and little bars, and one block over there's a group of locals sitting out on the street listening to music and hanging out outside of their house. 

Upstairs from an outdoor bar we grabbed a beer in, laundry!

One of the remodeled buildings.

One of the main squares, lots of street vendors, activity, and traffic. 

Quiet moment with my darling husband :)

Ducking into a random bar, where we were the only tourists and everyone stared at us. So fun! :)

Waiting for the ferry to take us to Isla Taboga. We are about to get hit with food poisoning from the seafood we ate the night before! Ironic that we were on an isolated island on this day. Hahahaha!!

The ferry took about an hour, and we passed all kinds of strange boats out there, like this oil tanker. We also saw a whale, which is my one big scary thing! I think it's from seeing these weird deep sea whale paintings at a restaurant as a kid (for those of you from Hawaii, I'm talking about the Pearl City Buzz's Steakhouse).

There's a huge brown pelican population on Isla Taboga; they were everywhere!

Walking around the town. Fun fact: Gauguin wanted to move to Isla Taboga but found it too expensive. He was forced to work on the Panama Canal for a couple of months before moving on to Tahiti, and the rest is art history!

View from my beach chair.

Me drinking a beer at lunch. I was hoping the beer would kill the food poisoning. Didn't work.

This guy wasn't feeling too good. Hehe ♥

The two sides of the sandbar are meeting each other with the rising tide. 

And these two little boys were catching fish as they got caught in both currents.


Dead pelican :(

Brett caught a fish too!

Such a showoff.

While I was "resting my eyes," I felt this little guy get under my chair, but assumed it was Brett messing with me so ignored it (haha! Sorry, love). Then, when I went in the water, I saw a brown thing under there from a distance and yelled, "Brett, what's under my chair?"

"A dog." We were both a little surprised :)

He was a cute and friendly little pup.

Time to go!

I always fall asleep on the school bus after the field trip.

Back for dinner in Casco Viejo! We stayed far away from the place with the seafood that made us so sick!

He wanted those big inflatable toucans from that balcony.

Cool street art.

Little kids playing in the ocean; they were having so much fun!

I wish I bought more stuff from those street vendors!

Eating Mexican food in Boquete.

He's my pot-o-gold! Haha!

This was our official "date night," which included a bottle of wine, a fancy dinner, and going to the same nightclub that five hundred 21-year-olds decided to go to. It was so fun!

We are silly.

I guess the car was full.

My white water rafting shoes

Brett's white water rafting shoes

I guess I just did something embarrassing?

Our gear!

NOT a good look for me

He was front row! And he tumbled out once! It was h i l a r i o u s . 

Our guide setting our picnic table

This was right after I got a splash to the face! I surprisingly had a lot of fun and wouldn't mind doing it again!

Our guide, who had his nose broken the day before by an oar, and a little boy from Canada. He was so cute and brave!!

We made it! We had a grand finale at the end of the boating trip where we got stuck in a hydraulic hole or whatever going over a mini-waterfall edge. We were probably stuck there for about two minutes--but it was the longest two minutes of my life! The mom in that family was laying on top of me and we were all on one side trying to make sure the boat didn't flip! The little boy had one hand clutching his sister's life vest and the guide had the strap of her helmet and a look of panic! But thank goodness we didn't flip and we certainly had a great time!

My handsome husband. I am so lucky ♥

So Husband has been out of town this week :( Sad face. But I'm taking the opportunity to have a Girls' Night In (GNI) with some fabulous ladies from school! :) Happy face! We are going to order some pizza, watch a sappy chick flick, and play with a mojito bar! Yeah, it was the drink I hated the most while I was a bartender, but now, why not? I'm super excited!

The rest of the weekend will be devoted to school (THREE exams next week! WHAT?!) and then the hubby gets home! Yay! Saw this on Pinterest, added it to my bucket list, and wanted to share it with you:

So far so good. Doesn't hurt that I married such a kick-butt guy :) 

Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hello. I am working for a TV programme and have been looking for a Dead Pelican Photo. Would you give me permission to do this.


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