April 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sister!!

Special post today to wish a GIANT....

♥ Happy happy birthday to Kristin, my big sis, my protector and confidante, my secret-keeper, memory-maker, and cheerleader! ♥ You are truly an amazing person and I am so grateful to have you in my life! You are an incredible (grand)daughter, wife, mother, and THE most fabulous sister, I honestly don't know how you juggle so many different roles but you do it so well, and I love that I can continue to look up to you :) Yes, you will be the maid of honor for every girl in our circle of friends, because you are the epitome of a best friend ♥ I am so so lucky that you're my sister and that I get to return the favor.

Needless to say, you also got to be the cuter kid growing up. You poopface. That's why Mom had to give you that pixie haircut ;) Teehee.

Speaking of Momma bear, check out those gams ;) Love you Mom, thanks for these photos!

Kristin, you did such a fabulous job with the pre-wedding (and wedding) festivities! Thank you for organizing and making the cutest decorations for my bridal shower! And, also for sort-of kind-of being the sweet mother hen for all of us :) I'm going to go ahead and speak on behalf of everyone by saying that we love you so much!

We get a little silly sometimes, but that's just what we do! We will always have our inside jokes and funny memories, the dinners spent with the fam that ends in us (literally) rolling on the ground laughing, the family trips, whispering in the dark, you doing voices when you read aloud to me when we were kids, fighting over clothes, crying on each other's shoulders over boys, doing movie impersonations. Hey, remember the day Hurricane Iniki hit and you woke me up with the sirens screaming "We're being attacked!" Haha! So rascally. But I still love you--boundlessly, unconditionally, and forever

Happy birthday, Sisterpantsface! Make it a good one! I'll buy you a shot in two and a half months!

 Rock Monster says "Haaaaapppyyyyy biiiiiiirrrrthdaaaaaay, Kriiiiiistiiiiiin." That's payback for the Hurricane Iniki gag. Buahahahaha!!!
Love you Krissypants!

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  1. It's really nice to hjave such a wonderful sister like yours. I enjoyed reading your wonderful birthday wishes for sister. Such a sweet relationship. Thanks for sharing. Happy birthday to your sis!

    Cheers for both of you.
    <3 Sarah


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