April 16, 2012

Instagram Misadventures

Good morrow, readers! The pharmacy school class of 2015 is geared up for the last two weeks of school--just 9 days and 8 exams to go! Needless to say, everyone is anxious and stressed. I'm anticipating intensive study sessions and little social interaction, but THEN summer! Yay!

This is just a quick post with some Instagram pics from the last couple of months! 

 Our first (and last) foray into the sketchy bar down the street // A thank you note from a 2nd grader--but why did he address us as the "Pharmacy Kids"??
 Arm candy // New phone and case!
 Our perfect last night in Panama City, dining al fresco overlooking the bay // Dogwood trees abloom in the middle of March! Spring!
 Cubs tickets in July for our Girls' Trip!! // Mojito bar at our place for girls' night in :)
Picking up the huz at the airport // We made the bomb-est banh mi sandwiches! Recipe here 
 Going for a run at White Deer Park // My little lovebug is graduating from med school!
Beer flight in the sun ♥ // Popcorn and mochi crunch during Hunger Games 
 Celebrating 24 years with my besties in 2005 // New 2 ft x 3 ft canvas for our bdrm :)
Nightstand of a sick person // Hawaii travel guide for our December 2012 neighbor islands midadventure! 
Minty mani // Sun-worshipping in our backyard 
 Husband drinking beer and watching the Masters in our yard // Me mowing it
 Care package from Momma! ♥ // New chambray Chuck Taylors
My strawberry picker kept eating them. This isn't a buffet // The Shoes at Porter Farms 
Posing with my ice cream cone at Sunni Sky's Ice Cream (so good!)

And even if I don't post another one here for awhile, I am always posting to my Pinterest (it's my addiction) so please find me over there!

Have a great week and thank you, as always, for reading! ♥

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