May 9, 2012

Back from my Birthday Trip + A Blogging Challenge

Husband surprised me this weekend with a trip to.... Savannah, Georgia! It was soooo much fun, as we explored the historic little city, partied til early hours of the morning, shopped, ate, and spent quality time together :) It's a five-hour drive each way, so we were sort of forced to think of fun ways to pass the time.

I may not take direction well when Brett puts on his serious photographer hat.

"Do NOT put me in the very center of the frame," serious photographer Brett tells eye-rolling Erin.

 My iPhone camera is a lot less high maintenance. [Us in Forsythe Park]

Some days you're the bird, other days you're the statue.

We actually came back here on Saturday night, and it was a ton of FUN!

There was a long river walk, with bars and kitschy stores. A sizable crowd of people were out for the Tall Ships Festival although it was 93 degrees out. Can't hurt that open bevvies like beers and slushy margaritas are allowed on the streets.

Starting off with a Bloody Mary.

He got a vodka gimlet.

Super delish pizza at Vinnie Van Go-Go's!

Walk-through at the corner McDonald's at 12am. Brilliant.

Day 2 at Tybee Beach about 15 minutes from town.

So much sea life! I was even clawed on the foot by something. I think it was a crab. Those horseshoe crabs (bottom) were jurassic-looking!

Saturday night out on the town on Cinco de Mayo with our RedBull/Vodka's in the streets, playing with chalk, under the huge Supermoon! It was an awesome night! 

Husband "iced" himself. Oy vay.




Watching [at Saddlebags bar, pictured earlier]

[At Bonaventure Cemetary, which pre-dates the Civil War]

Six-year-old Gracie, who died of pneumonia in 1889. Some say she still plays with the toys left at her grave.

This bunny, hung by its ears, was probably the highlight for Brett.

Contrary to Brett's face, we had the best time, and will definitely be back! This would be a fun little spot to have a girls-only trip, too! Now that we're finally back home and organizing our life (all the boxes from our Seattle home have arrived!), I can safely say There is no place like home. This weekend we're going to Charlotte to visit Brett's grammy for Mother's Day and then spending the rest of the week at the Shoes' beach house in Oak Island! Pack, unpack, pack, unpack, laundry laundry laundry, pack, unpack, pack... LOL! Still, I can't complain. I am so happy and so blessed ♥

[Us at home pre-official-birthday-dinner on Monday]

I've recently run across this blog post on Her New Leaf: Seven Blogging Topics to Get You Over Bloggers' Block, and although I'm not "blocked" in any way, I wanted to try to tackle all seven of them, just for fun :) The first one, "Write a Tutorial," will come within the week! 

Thank you for reading and Happy Wednesday! Just two more days until the weekend! (Not that I care, I'm on summer vacation, yo!) 

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