May 19, 2012

A Day (and a Half) in the Life of Me...

 Blogger Challenge #2: A Day in the Life [via]
Yesterday, May 18th at the Parentals-in-laws' beach house in Oak goes!

7:30am Get up, fix coffee and breakfast. 
Camp out in front of my computer to catch up on blogs, emails, Facebook :)

 7:50am Tease this guy

 8:30am He runs, I bike. A couple that exercises together stays together?

 9:15am We play with our new bike in our driveway. Brett screws on our new bike lock. Judge the day too windy, cloudy, and cold to do any beaching and resign to spend it indoors.

 9:45am Brett has a 10am work call. I Pinterest.

 10:00am A little bit of deep breathing and yoga.

 10:45am Lunch (yes, our eating schedule is similar to 80-year-olds') of a ham sandwich, 
some cole slaw, and yogurt.

 11:15am Reviewing organic chemistry functional groups for our first P2 exam in August. 
Still can't believe we already have an exam scheduled. 

12:00pm Tease this guy.

12:15pm Work on this damn jigsaw puzzle and a couple of friendship bracies. Now taking orders--real friends only please. Also, waiting impatiently for the Parentals-in-law (PILs) to arrive so I'll have someone to play with! I'm soooo not an only child, and always had someone to run around with. I've quickly learned this past week that I get ansty rather quickly when I have to amuse myself solo. 

2:30pm Mom-in-law takes me to the library to get a library card. It is a huge ordeal and takes nearly an hour--they must of had a problem with vacationers never returning their stuff. 

 4:00pm Shower and get ready for dinner with the PILs and four of their friends. 

 6:20pm hop in the PILs' new "bus" a GMC Denali which seats 8 comfortably.
I think this is a sign that Husband and I need to start popping out babies so Gma and Gpa can make use of all these seats!

7:00pm No pics of dinner, but it was really fun and there was a lot of laughter. The food was good too, we went to a place called Ports of Call in Southport and we will surely be back there again!

 9:00pm Got a call on our way back from dinner that baby Tanner, 
my sweet 3-year-old nephew, broke his foot :( 
Poor baby.

 9:30pm Back home, hung out with the family, and watched American Pickers, 
worked on that goshdarn hummingbird jigsaw puzzle. 

 10:30pm Got ready for bed, snuggled up with Brett, no, The Shadow of the Wind, by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I am in love with this book! It is dark and haunting and poetic and so beautiful. Highly recommended, even though it sometimes gives me nightmares!

This morning, we cleaned and packed up and headed back to our home in Garner! 
Look at all the surprises I came home to!

 I have the sweetest friends and family ♥

Eh, Nikki, did you use enough tape on this package, or what?

 Birthday prezzies! Thank you Kristin (plus Tony, Taylor, Tanner, and Kaitlin), Nikki, Tricia...

 ...Neysa, and Celeste! You guys sure know how to make a girl feel special! ♥ Love and miss you like you wouldn't believe! Soooo happy I get to see most of you in Hawaii for two weeks in July! ♥

 My homemade card from Nephew and Niece ♥ with grown-up
translation. Thanks, Sister, lol!

And another happy surprise: Alani and Dan's wedding invite! Yay! So eggs!

Well, that was my past day and a half. Thrilling, wasn't it? We are staying here for a week before returning to the beach for Memorial Day!

I hope you all have the loveliest of weekends! Next up on the Blogging Challenge: A List of My Favorite Things. Aren't you pee-your-pants excited to read that one? LOL! Happy week to all! 

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