May 16, 2012

Goodbye Winslow Place ♥

This was our house on Winslow Place in Wallingford/Fremont that we lived in for two years together! Well, the side on the left anyway. I say "was" because it finally closed today, May 16th, 2012! Such a bittersweet conclusion to the Seattle chapter in our lives. All the memories made, the laughter, the happiness, I will always cherish those moments. It's here that Husband and I fell in love, and where we shared our first home together. Oh, Winslow Place, you have been so kind to us!

Here are just a few snippets of our life at this place. Cheers!

Impromptu game of beer pong in our first few weeks of BF-GF status.
Obvs we had to name our team Amber Romance, since we met at the bar I worked at: Amber.

Peter and Grady getting ur done.

My loverface Tricia boxing the crap out of the Wii

Our engagement announcement party

My 29th birthday :)


Christmases were the best!

One of multiple drunken game nights...

...that often turned into photo shoots

Sara and Zelda!

Love these goofballs

The Gotandes, our favorites ♥

One final look around and we bid you adieu! Thank you for being our perfect first home; we will surely check up on you whenever we can! :)

I hope that you, my lovely readers, have a wonderful rest of the week! ♥

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