May 21, 2012

The Latest Pinterest Eye-Candy

Good morning, beauties! Just wanted to do a quick post to share my most recent pins on Pinterest. It's still a huge obsession of mine--I swear time goes by way too quickly on this thing. If you haven't already signed up, do so immediately!

 clockwise, from top left: [Reflection idea for our anniversary photo shoot, 1] [Audrey Tautou, 2] [How'd they do that? 3] [Lovely maxi, bought! Thanks Mom and Grammy for the birthday dress :) 4]

  clockwise, from top left: [Lava pools in Portugal, 1] [2] [Beautiful, 3] [Twins! Too cute, 4]

  clockwise, from top left: [Love the decor, so non-beige, 1] [2] [Husband love, 3] [Wake up and slide into the ocean in Bora Bora, 4]

  clockwise, from top left: [1] [2] [3] [4]

  clockwise, from top left: [Going to the Flea Market today to try to find pieces like this wire crate, 1] [2] [3] [Amazing preparation kit to hand out at the rehearsal dinner, organization at its most creative, 4]

  clockwise, from top left: [Instagram camera: shoot, edit, upload, and print! 1] [2] [I miss afternoons like this with my besties, 3] [ Three Little Birds, which is our alarm clock song in the morning, love it , 4]

  clockwise, from top left: [1] [Cute pregnancy announcements, 2] [Travel bug, 3] [Sequined tablecloth?! Yes please! 4]

  clockwise, from top left: [1] [2] [Floral retro bikini, 3] [Zimmermann bikini, 4]

  clockwise, from top left: [Natural makeup, 1] [Citrine jumpsuit, 2] [3] [Shut the pink ombre front door, 4]

  clockwise, from top left: [Mini-Brett! 1] [Take photos and video underwater, 2] [Reese Witherspoon, looking stunning, 3] [Maps theme for our anniversary shoot, maybe, scheduled in July! 4]

  [More maps, 1] [Love these marble floors! Got us thinking about our future dream home, 2] [How to build your own bohemian beach tent, idea for the anniv. shoot, 3] [Mini puffs of cotton candy as favors, 4]

I am off to Raleigh today to check out the Famers/Flea Market for who knows what. I also have a little bit of birthday gift cards and money burning a hole in my wallet ;) so I may stop by a mall or two as well. Teehee.

I hope that you all are having a fabulous Monday, although I read this the other day, "If Mondays were shoes, they'd be Crocs." LOL! Two more weeks of summer vacation before my pharmacy rotation starts, so I'm going to make the most of it! 

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