June 7, 2012

Jack and Jill Party!

About a year ago, Brett and I were in Vegas for our Jack and Jill party with our nearest and dearest :) Looking back at these pictures always makes me feel really happy and thankful we have such wonderful people in our lives. After the horrible hangovers (yes, plural: hangoverS, consecutively) wore off and we were back in our little home in Seattle, I was able to really absorb the amazing amount of love that I got from my besties. Thank you guys again, for making this trip so much fun, full of laughter, love and support. We were both extremely touched and feel so blessed to have you all! Our joy is doubled with you in our lives ♥ 

Kim, Kristina, Nikki, Trish, Kari, Christine, Carla, Neysa, Jody, Dustin, Justin, Elton, Tony, Carlos, and all those who were in town and dropped in on our party, Karisa, Tiare, Mike, Brad, the Kardashians, and a case of pink eye (LOL!), thank you for celebrating with us with full and happy hearts! 

When can we do it again?
[click on pics to make them bigger]

I have to comment on this picture, on the left, 
because it's me carrying everyone's bags on the dance floor since I don't dance. 
So fun! LOL!

And then a couple of months later, at my bridal shower, 
my besties (KNT, Kristina, Nikki, and Trish) gave this little book to me!
Do you know how much WORK it is to make one of these?
I'm such a lucky girl. I love these chicks ♥

Hand-made card from Nikki, who also designed our wedding invitations (click here to see them).
I love you guys! You + me = KENT = forever! Hahaha. Cheesy. But so true! I can't wait til we're reunited in Hawaii (minus Kristina, sad face) and in Chicago (minus Tricia, sad face) next month!

I hope everyone is having a fab week! I'm done with my first week of my retail pharmacy rotation and it's a lot of work, but I love it! Brett's out of town for his biz school 5-year reunion this weekend, so I'm kicking it with the parentals-in-law, spending QT on the beach :) 

I hope you all, too, get to play outside and enjoy the sunshine with your loved ones!
Thank you for reading!

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