June 17, 2012

Summer InstaPics

Happy Father's Day, everyone! We had a very productive day at the beach house: church service, beach-laying, bike ride/run, BBQing, US Open-watching, nap. It was fantastic. I hope that you all had a similar carefree and happy day celebrating your papas!

This is a just a quick post to catch up on my recent Instagram pics. If you haven't already, please follow me here (@erin_shoe). 

1. Getting our sugar fix in Raleigh
2. Hamming it up before some used bookstore browsing
3. New Rebecca Minkoff wallet :)
4. Summer chicken salad with strawberries on our candle-lit porch followed by world map studying and dreaming of our future misadventures
5. Chillin at the neighborhood pool
6. Tofu, wiffleball, BBQ, and a glass of wine with my baybay
7. Dressed up and showing off my burn (from curling my hair while sitting on the floor watching Real Housewives--that show is dangerous to your health!)
8. I ride my bike, he runs--beach house routine

1. Treasure digging on the beach
2. Dunes at sunset
3. After working a nine-hour shift at the pharmacy, Husband had homemade spaghetti and an ice-cold beer waiting for me. He's so good ♥
4. Chasing the sunset after dinner
5. The waterway 
6. Day at the beach, dunes and pelicans
7. New Seychelles from my Momma! Thanks Mommy! Love you!! ♥ So excited to see you !!
8. The house at the end of the road that got struck by lightning--hope they had good home insurance!

1. Having bike issues
2. High tide moved us from the beach to our front yard
3. Friday date night at Provision Company in Southport
4. Road trip with the two boys
5. Top is from Sister-in-law (thanks Kim!) and shorts are from Sister (thanks Kris!), while shopping at a Myrtle Beach outlet mall before a (super fun!) baseball game
6. The Shoes enjoying the sun today! Currently reading: The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood
7. View while out on a bike ride/run
8. The boys waiting for us + beach chairs drying in the sun + handsome Husband

I can't believe that half of our summer and our time at the beach house is pau already! Went by so fast! My summer rotation at the pharmacy out here has been super exciting and I've learned a lot--so much more to learn, though! Both the pharmacists who work with me graduated from Campbell, so I've been getting a lot of useful tips and advice. I'm so grateful and still can't quite believe that I'm this much closer to being a pharmacist! Only three more years to go, and although everyone says the second year is the hardest, I'm not looking forward to it, but I'm up for the challenge!

In 18 days I leave for a two-week stay in Hawaii with my family--who I miss so much! I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone and eating some good local food :) 

After that, Brett and I will have one week together at our home (he's unable to come to HI with me) before I'm off again, this time to Chicago for a girls' trip with my besties! What a fantastic summer, I am so thrilled :) 

Happy Sunday, and have a wonderful week! ♥

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