June 25, 2012

Watch Them Shine

If people were like stars, we'd be happy to watch each other shine. Love this!

Sometimes I forget that life is not like Christmas Eve at Walmart. There is enough happiness, love, success, joy, beauty, adventure, and excitement in the world for everyone; it is not a mad scramble to take "what's yours" before someone else snatches it away! It's easy to slip into negative mode and complain that you don't have enough, or become bitter when someone else's dreams start to come true while yours is stuck in idle mode. Greed, jealousy, and vanity are such ugly--but totally human--traits.

I saw that pic/quote online tonight and it got me thinking. Bottom line: I'm going to start behaving more like the stars. I'm going to sit back and admire my fellow celestial luminous beings (you guys) and acknowledge all the amazeballsness of us all. We all shine! We're magical, sparkly, glittering, wondrous miracles ♥

I hope you all have a fantastic week! I am down to two and a half days left of my rotation/internship and then I am back on summer break! Really looking forward to having a friend stay with us this weekend! I'm going to drag her along on my Blogger Challenge #6: Explore Your Town. We have a full, eventful schedule all lined up for her :)

Thank you for reading and remember: don't let anyone take your shine ♥ [An old man once told me that randomly on the street, which totally made me smile all day long]


  1. Thought this was lovely and so true.. Kim


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