July 24, 2012

HI Friends and Fam ♥

My cutie pie nephew, Tanner, showing me his new swing set from my Momma

"HI" as in Hawaii, not as in Hi, hello :) The last two weeks in HI has just flown by, but that's how it goes when you're having fun, right? I'm so thankful to have been able to spend so much time with my family and friends; the older I get, the more I realize how blessed I am to have all of you in my life! Most people don't get to have such a rad cast of characters in their biography! Thanks to everyone who made time to fit me into their crazy schedule, you've all truly made my month ♥

Here's some pics from my days and nights there...

My beautiful niece, Kaitlin, who loves picking flowers in her yard
Shawnee's newest addition, Cydney (baby girl #3!)
Isabelle, Shawnee and Reggie's baby girl #1, such a ray of sunshine
Jordin, baby girl #2, what a sweet face :)
Kaitlin posing in her new play house, from their Grammy (my Momma spoils them, hehe)
More baby Mia time! I can't get enough of her! That angel face and all that hair! She is so pretty :)
Tori, Kaui, Shell, and a sleepy Peyton
Alana and me at happy hour
With Alana and Robyn, thanks for dinner and drinks, ladies! :)
Girls night out with Nikki and Tricia. Tricia makes the best faces
Erin and Tori
Nikki, Trish, and me at Tsunami's
Dayne came to show us how to play darts ;)
With the two Todds
Sean went to Hot Topic specially for this shirt, barely escaping without a pierced belly button he said. So good.
Cade's birthday BBQ setting in Lanikai
The Enchanted Lakes
Grillmaster Dayne
My momma and I made Korean style chicken and Dayne brought a bushel of oysters
Nikki and Mikey ♥
Dayne, some shoyu, me, and Niks
"Okay, maybe just one."
Me and my BFF
Kaitie cat's birthday cake!
Her matching bouncy castle
Hi Jordin!
Kaitlin, turn around and take a picture, darlin! "NO!"
With Mommy and Daddy
Happy birthday, sweetie!
Enjoying that hot pink cupcake
Izzie and Peyton with their hot pink cupcakes
My sweet boy, eating super carefully :)
Mia, having a moment
Mommy and baby ♥
I'm so in love with her!
Day at the zoo with these two monkeys!
Tanner making a funny face
Snack break!
Petting the goats
This boy knows how to play with the iPad better than I do
Family pic time, minus Tony
Family pic time, minus Stepdad
Happy birthday, Justin!
Justin, you okay, or what?
Hossy Tossy! Haven't seen this guy for five years! Way too long! So good to catch up finally!
...AAaaaand, this is what happens when three Skybox peeps run into two more Skybox peeps--shots all around! Oh, my aching head.
Nothing but love ♥
Tawney love! 

Basically, my days were spent with my family and nights with my friends, LOL! No wonder I've slept so much the past couple of days! I had so so so much fun and my heart overflows with emotion every time I have to say goodbye to the isles :) Thank goodness I'll be back soon! See you all again in December!

In the meantime, more travelling! Tomorrow I'm meeting my best girls in Chicago and a week after that I cannot believe it, but it'll be the first day of school! Then, in a month, it's to Seattle for a wedding, then NYC for a trip with Husband, then Gettysburg followed by Charlotte for weddings, and then Hawaii again before the end of the year. Brett also has a bachelor party to Las Vegas during his birthday weekend, plus all his work trips to Seattle. Whew! And we thought we'd be able to fit in Australia/New Zealand in there, too! No way! We have never traveled so much in our lives!

Thank you for reading, it's so touching when I run into you guys and you say you read this little old blog of mine. I'm so thankful and flattered :) I hope you all have a wonderful, blessed week! 

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