July 9, 2012

Summer Daze

Happy Monday, lovies! ♥ I am safely at my momma's house in Hawaii, with the long hot, humid summer days on the North Carolina coast behind me for now! Here are some pics that we took before we left!

 Best sunsets ever :)
 Walking along the beach at dusk
 My favorite, sweet boy ♥
 With the in-laws at a Pelicans game in Myrtle Beach
 Villanueva was my favorite player, he's good!
 Mmmmm...philly cheesesteak
 The fam ♥
Go #14 Villanueva!
 Laura and I taking the ferry to Fort Fisher
 Behind some popos :)
 Laura taught me how to use my fancy camera!
 The view from the back of the ferry
 ...and from the front of the ferry
 On the island
 Cute little beach town
 Britt's Old-Fashioned Donuts! OMG the best donuts ever! Soooo flaky, warm, and sugary. So good.
 And only 90 cents each! I love a simple menu.
 A little boutique browsing with Laura in downtown Wilmington
 Downtown Wilmington
 Mexican lunch
 Fence with lots of keys...why?
 The best wings I've ever had at a dive bar on Oak Island called Chasers. Gotta get them extra crispy!
 Post-dinner sunset and bike ride with Brett and Laura. We stopped along the route to grab a late-night cocktail before heading back to the beach house :)
 Father-in-law grilling some steaks!
 Scary thunderstorm rolling in
 My pal, Baxter, doing the over-the-shoulder-sexy pose
 Happy birthday, Mother-in-law!
 Husband and I playing with fire
 Blurry...which about sums up the night by this time.
 Hi boys! Why so shy?
 Love this girl! 
 This is what did me in. Thanks, guys! :P
 The late-night troopers :) Shane, Dayne, and Nikkers ♥
 Nikki's BF, Mike, teasing the dogs with chicken tacos at Monica and Sean's birthday BBQ
 Homemade chocolate chip cookie cake by Nikki and strawberry-haupia pie by Anna Millers
Nik's frosting got small kine melty :)
 Happy birthday, Sean and Mon!
 And she's heeeeeerre! (LOL, Nikki's commercial) Welcome, baby Mia ♥ I know I just met you, but I'm already absolutely in love with you! ♥
 Dustin, the proud papa
 Beautiful, amazing mama, Kari! You are so amazing and I am so proud of you! Love you to pieces!!
Look at that gorgeous head of hair! She's a heartbreaker already!

Well, as you can probably tell, I am loving being home! There is nothing quite like it :) I love HI life. Unfortunately, I'm still stuck on East Coast time and have been getting up at 3 and 4am everyday. This morning I've already gone for run, ate two breakfasts, did both crossword puzzles, and read the whole internet and it's only 9:30am! 

The rest of the day will include lunch with my Grammy, and visiting another bestie who had a baby girl on Thursday! I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week too!

Much love and aloha ♥


  1. Hi dear. Nice post, I absolutely like reading posts about places people visit, it's just fascinatin~

    I've been reading your blog for quite some time and I love it! Don't stop writing.
    Have a nice day, sis.


    1. Hello, Miza! Thank you so much for your kind words! :) I won't stop writing as long as wonderful people like you keep reading! ♥



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