July 22, 2012

This Week's Instapics

[ Fourth of July nails]
 [Grammy's homemade mochiko chicken and bean sprouts with some Foodland poke, pretty much the best meal I could come home to]
 [Happy birthday to my beautiful niece, Kaitlin! With cousin Noah and brother Tanner]
[ My bestie had a baby--and she is absolutely gorgeous! Welcome to the world, Mia! And congratulations, Kari and Dustin!]
[ My spicy tuna poke bowl with brown rice from Paina Cafe]
 [Birthday girl, Kaitlin, in her bouncy castle. Quite possibly the prettiest little girl ever]
 [Found: our cake topper]
 [View from Cade's birthday BBQ]
 [Found: SATC on VHS, Seasons 1 and 2. Donated :( Sad face, but they go to those in need of some fashion and comedic therapy]
 [Dayne, stop covering your face. "We'll hold his arm down!" HAHAHAH! I love these monkeys!]
 [Senior winter ball 1998 with Nick. I still can't believe you guys let me wear that boa]
 [Sayonara, Hawaii! Until next time, which happens to be December 2nd]

I didn't take nearly enough Instapics while I was in Hawaii! Another short post today, since we actually have a pretty busy Sunday planned out! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend! 

Real Hawaii post coming soon! :)

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