August 26, 2012


Well, I've stuck to my challenge of putting up one thing every other day so far! And I've realized two things: (1) I own far too many dresses and (2) I am sentimentally attached to my clothes. So much so that telling you that I've sold three dresses actually makes me sad rather than happy. But! More room in my closet = more available hangers = more future purchases! :)

Here's the link if you want to check out my closet! Cheers!


Hey lovely readers! It's Sunday! I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Or a crazy wild fun one, whichever you prefer. I had a little of both. Most of the weekend has consisted of How I Met Your Mother for hours while I try to study for the two exams we have this week. Instant Netflix is the best invention since walk-in closets.

The other thing I've been obsessed with is updos and the art of teasing hair. No joke, I've watched countless YouTube video hair tutorials. I even got a special teasing comb. Here's some hair-spiration from my Pinterest account!

 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

I really want to learn how to make this last one, the low messy ponytail on Posh Spice. Between Hubs and I, there's a lot of hair talk, LOL! Man candy (and great heads of hair!):

 My boyfriends, Batman and Robin [1] [2]

And some other random bits of eye-candy...
LOVE this! I want to get it framed for our future house  :)
Black glossy, open air kitchen
Perfect little breakfast nook with lovely banquette seating and glassed-in pantry
Map wallpaper, for the daydreaming. Always daydreaming about our next misadventure :)
 Words to live by!
 Faux fur and leather for cold weather that's a-comin!
 Roald Dahl is such a wonderful writer, can't wait to reread his books with baby Shoes!
 We're all somewhat screwy. Love this! So true.
 My motto.
 Never ever.
 All the things you are to me ♥ And I adore you.
 So fitting for our story
 Love me some sequins and sneakers!!
 Just ordered this Zara sequined clutch! So excited!!!
 Pretty amazing FB announcement :D
Day one...Year three. So lovely!
 Just twenty seconds of embarrassing bravery. So good.
One night I spent way too much time on this chick's YouTube channel. She has pretty amazing beauty and hair advice!
This upcoming week is a hectic one--two exams, a trip to Seattle, meetings and studying. I truly have a love-hate relationship with my busy life, and right now I love :) Our dear friends, Dan and Alani are getting married next weekend and I'm so excited! Not to toot our own horn or anything, but Brett and I totally introduced those two and they are so perfect for each other! So happy for them ♥ Congratulations, guys, you deserve all the happiness and joy in the world! Xx

After this Labor Day weekend trip, our lives settle down for a bit, and then we do a whole string of crazy weekends in October: New York effing City(!!!!), Gettysburg, Charlotte. I am so excited for all of it--especially NYC! We haven't been there since 2009, which was our second trip together, and so much fun! I love this city so much--definitely one of my favorite playgrounds with some of my favorite people :)

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

August 20, 2012

Bonjour, mes Amis!

Ah, Paris in the Spring... what dreams are made of. And, hopefully, what next May will be made of for Brett and I! If all goes as planned--and this is the first time I'm doing the majority of the planning--we'll be visiting France, Spain, and Italy in 2013! Soo excited! And while it is a bit difficult to plan as thoroughly as my hubs, I will most certainly try. Don't know if I can pull out one of these though (the itinerary he made for our trip to Panama in March):

He is truly the cutest. But I digress. The hardest part of planning this escapade is deciding where in those countries we want to visit! It's hard narrowing them down; I have to keep in mind that this won't be the only time ever that we'll visit Europe.

So, first of all, daydream with me: if you had this to work with (ie. the Eurail pass) and you had to pick 3-5 neighboring countries, where would you go?

I thought the three countries we picked are pretty good ones. They're still pretty tentative though, as Croatia and Greece are quite tantalizing. For simplicity's sake, we'll stick to the France, Spain and Italy--but in what order? And which cities?

We want to see the rolling hillsides in Tuscany. Plus, we have a friend who lives there and takes people on bike tours through the countryside. Ah, how amazing would that be?!

The Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre, so beautiful! And of course, I've always wanted to make a wish at the Trevi fountain in Rome:
As for Spain, I'd love to see Barcelona, Madrid, Seville. Of course, we still have to streamline our itinerary quite a bit. All suggestions, recommendations, tips, and travel advice welcome!

[Barcelona, via]
 And, can't forget: Paris in the (late) Spring...

Ah, tres magnifique! :) I love exploring the world with my silly husband. Oh! It was his birthday yesterday, and although he was in Vegas this weekend for a bachelor party, we got to celebrate today--I cooked dinner, he opened presents, and we ate some red velvet cake (his favorite)! It was perfect ♥

Well, I'm signing off now, lots of schooling to do. First big exam on Thursday and I am so not prepared! Eeek! I hope you all have a very lovely week! ♥

August 12, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday morning! I hope you are enjoying it over banana pancakes, warm coffee, and surrounded by your loved one(s)! Me? I'm still nursing a little pharyngitis and my man has been up and about all morning training for a marathon and mowing the lawn. I did have some waffles and coffee though :)

I have a confession: in the excitement of all my summer trips (Hawaii and Chicago) and the start of school, I forgot about my Blogger Challenges (via Her New Leaf)! The only one I have left is to Challenge Myself. And although Brett and I finally joined a local gym and we are working our butts off (literally ;)), that doesn't interest me. I thought maybe I would do a cooking challenge, or a crafting one, maybe something more artsy--I used to love doing sketches with charcoal! But, no.

I recently signed up for Threadflip, where you can buy and sell gently used items among others equally fashion-obsessed. And since I tend to buy stuff and only wear them once or twice (unless I really love something, then I wear it to death--til it literally crumbles into dust in my fingers), I thought it would be "financially responsible" for me to recycle said items. So! Here's my challenge: post (at least) one item every other day for the next month. That's a total of 15 dresses, tops, bottoms, purses, etc. that I will be clearing out of my closet and putting back into the bank account--fingers and toes crossed.

So, if you're a size 6.5/7 shoe or 0/1/2, keep checking here and pick something up! I'll also write update posts weekly to this blog :) And if you're already on Threadflip, let me know so I can follow you!

Thanks! And enjoy the rest of your weekend! ♥

August 5, 2012

First Anniversary Celebration!

We are back from our little staycation in downtown Raleigh and we had so much fun! We drank beers in the sun on a patio (Raleigh Times Bar), ate "global street food" for dinner at Bu-ku, and then bar- and club-hopped until the wee hours, just like we were kids again! :) Super awesome, successful anniversary celebration!

Here are some pictures that we took with Melissa Smith Photography in honor of surviving our first year of marriage! :) It's been a pretty awesome year.

And I just want to write a quick note to my gorgeous husband and best friend, Brett: Thank you for loving me unconditionally, even when I may not have truly deserved it. Thank you for the surprise trips, mystery dates, unexpected flowers, home-cooked dinners, folding of my laundry (because you know how much I hate folding laundry), long bear hugs, knowing how to make me laugh even when I don't want to laugh, all the tiny little moments that fill my heart, and our home, with love and warmth. I love you, goober.

Tomorrow is our For Reals Anniversary, and the first day of school! Ah, excitement, apprehension, and anxiety all rolled up into one belly. I hope that you have a wonderful week, wherever you are! And remember:


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