August 1, 2012

Chicago Vacay with my Besties ♥

BACK from Chicago and had the most wonderful time with these two monkeys! Just for some background info, we have been friends since 8th grade (circa 1994) and have gone through everything together. I mean ups, downs, sideways, crying, laughing, fighting, screaming, holding each other's hair back when we feel less than stellar (hehe, wink*wink), getting into trouble, heartaches, triumphs, loss, and success. Everything. They are without a doubt the best friends that a girl could ask for and I'm so grateful that they are such a large part of my life.

An original group photo from 9th grade:

Ha! Yikes! I know the girls are going to kill me now! Hahahahaha! Kristina, left, lives in New York City with her boyfriend, Brendan, and both are total foodies. I can't wait to visit them in October with the Hubs! Nikki, middle, is a graphic designer extraordinaire, who was kind enough to make our wedding invitations for us (remember these?), who lives and plays in Hawaii with her boyfriend, Mike, also a talented design geek. I hope that's got you all caught up!

Anyway, here are some of our trip highlights... Enjoy! :)

 At the Millenium Park fountain
Farmer's Market 
 We traveled a half hour by train and bus to find this vintage store and it was closed! Poor Kristina, she was really looking forward to this!
 About to paint the town RED! ...Okay maybe more like old lady gingham pink.
 Matt! Our high school classmate, who, with his wife, Tabitha, just welcomed a son the day before! Thank you for making time to see us, Matt! And congratulations to the both of you!
 After a couple of cocktails with Matt, we were a little tipsy, but decided to visit the Art Institute anyway! Nothing like a little drunken art admiration!
 La Toilette, Mary Cassatt
A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, Georges Seurat
 Water Lillies, Claude Monet
 Self-Portrait, Vincent van Gogh
 More drinks! Getting the party started with some Effen vodka (cucumber-flavored) shots! Kristina's new favorite vodka :)
This is at Hub 51 with a club ("Sub 51") downstairs, which we checked out for a minute. We stayed out til 2am! So proud of us!
 Cloud Gate, Anish Kapoor at Millenium Park
 Vanna White pose
 This took a couple of tries before we got it!
 The Cubs vs. the Cardinals
Old Style beers all day!
 Day-drinking is always fun! Making friends and getting out of the rain--memories made for sure! Plus, we had to order Micah's signature drink: the Ernie Banks, half Old Style and half Guinness! Love you Micah!
 Found an outdoor patio
 Sunset on the Michigan Street bridge. So pretty!
 About to head back to our hotel room, shower, get in our pj's, and watch a movie in bed!
 Next day: biking lakeside and checking out some museums
 The Field Museum
 Kristina, Erin, Nikki, and Sue (the T-Rex)
 On the Navy Pier after the bike ride, we shared a pitcher of margaritas and a chips and guacamole flight!
 Last night together, grabbing sushi and drinking fancy martinis
 At the Signature Room, for a nightcap cocktail
 We're already dreading saying goodbye in the morn, so we're crying, laughing, and everything in between! We are such mush-balls! LOL!
 The view from the ladies' room
Last group picture of me and my girls ♥

Overall: a smashing success! We had sooo much fun, sooo many laughs, talked until the wee hours, made memories, and had little adventures. Love these chicks, thanks again for an amazing time! We need to make this an ongoing tradition!

I hope you all are having a fabulous week! I am making the most of these last days of summer by doing absolutely nothing but lazing about with the Hubs, spending time at the pool, and watching the Olympics, Breaking Bad (season 4 on Netflix), and Pretty Little Liars (on Netflix). Perfection :)

Pharmacy school year 2 starts on Monday! It is supposedly the "Hardest Year" so I'm a little apprehensive. I'll keep you posted! Thanks for reading! ♥


  1. What a gorgeous group of girls! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time together! I seriously believe girls trips are a necessity of life! :)

    xx Vivian @

    1. Thanks Vivian! We had the BEST time, and I'll have to agree with you regarding girls' trips being a necessity! Fo sho! :)

  2. So glad you had a great time - bummed I missed you but happy to see you covered some of my favorite things to do.

    1. I'm bummed we missed you too, but so thrilled that you and Matt are Mommy and Daddy! Liam is precious! ♥ I'll definitely be back in Chicago again, so try not to be in labor that time ;)


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