August 26, 2012


Hey lovely readers! It's Sunday! I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Or a crazy wild fun one, whichever you prefer. I had a little of both. Most of the weekend has consisted of How I Met Your Mother for hours while I try to study for the two exams we have this week. Instant Netflix is the best invention since walk-in closets.

The other thing I've been obsessed with is updos and the art of teasing hair. No joke, I've watched countless YouTube video hair tutorials. I even got a special teasing comb. Here's some hair-spiration from my Pinterest account!

 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

I really want to learn how to make this last one, the low messy ponytail on Posh Spice. Between Hubs and I, there's a lot of hair talk, LOL! Man candy (and great heads of hair!):

 My boyfriends, Batman and Robin [1] [2]

And some other random bits of eye-candy...
LOVE this! I want to get it framed for our future house  :)
Black glossy, open air kitchen
Perfect little breakfast nook with lovely banquette seating and glassed-in pantry
Map wallpaper, for the daydreaming. Always daydreaming about our next misadventure :)
 Words to live by!
 Faux fur and leather for cold weather that's a-comin!
 Roald Dahl is such a wonderful writer, can't wait to reread his books with baby Shoes!
 We're all somewhat screwy. Love this! So true.
 My motto.
 Never ever.
 All the things you are to me ♥ And I adore you.
 So fitting for our story
 Love me some sequins and sneakers!!
 Just ordered this Zara sequined clutch! So excited!!!
 Pretty amazing FB announcement :D
Day one...Year three. So lovely!
 Just twenty seconds of embarrassing bravery. So good.
One night I spent way too much time on this chick's YouTube channel. She has pretty amazing beauty and hair advice!
This upcoming week is a hectic one--two exams, a trip to Seattle, meetings and studying. I truly have a love-hate relationship with my busy life, and right now I love :) Our dear friends, Dan and Alani are getting married next weekend and I'm so excited! Not to toot our own horn or anything, but Brett and I totally introduced those two and they are so perfect for each other! So happy for them ♥ Congratulations, guys, you deserve all the happiness and joy in the world! Xx

After this Labor Day weekend trip, our lives settle down for a bit, and then we do a whole string of crazy weekends in October: New York effing City(!!!!), Gettysburg, Charlotte. I am so excited for all of it--especially NYC! We haven't been there since 2009, which was our second trip together, and so much fun! I love this city so much--definitely one of my favorite playgrounds with some of my favorite people :)

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

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