September 4, 2012

Wedding Weekend in Whidbey

Good evening, my sweets! After a wonderful weekend in Seattle/Whidbey Island, we are now back to real life--boooooo not ready! Let's relive some of the awesome moments, shall we? :)

Wandering the super cute streets of Langley on Whidbey 
 Getting ready for the rehearsal dinner BBQ
[kate spade dress from Rent the Runway]
 The rehearsal dinner favors were little bottles of BBQ sauce! So cute!
 After a late night out after the BBQ, found some bottles on top of a friend's car the next morning  :)
Breakfast with the bride on the morning of the wedding!
 Sign-in book 
 Ceremony program
 Parents of the groom
 Here comes the beautiful bride!
 I love the look on the groom's face! :)
 Absolutely beautiful, heartfelt, and sweet ceremony ♥
 Their self-written vows were total tear-jerkers!
 Check out the gorgeous dining table! It sat over 90 people!
 Seating chart
 Checking out the photobooth room
 The happy couple and the other mostly-happy couple :P Just kidding :)
[BCBG dress from Rent the Runway]
 The men
 Husband and Grant looking devilishly handsome whilst playing cornhole... Who won anyway?
 The favors were the latest album of the band, Bryan John Applebee, who were incredible! 
They also served as place cards.
 The guys went for an impromptu fashion photo shoot
 Looking good guys! :)
 The gang ♥
Darn, Elisabeth and my eyes are closed
 The first dance ♥
 Armenian wedding dance
 New papa Bryson with baby Millicent
 Alani and I :)
Perfect wedding celebration!
 The after party 
 This picture makes me sooo happy! Aaaah, I love this boy.
Things started to get a little ridiculous :)
 "Do you want a car bomb?"
Um, NO. But thanks.
 The next day: a stroll in the park, a short shopping trip, 
a pedicure, a nap in the park... perfect day with B! ♥
So good to see Carla (and her hubby, Mark)! Love this chick! 
And I cannot keep my eyes open with that iPhone flash. That thang is BRIGHT!!
All in all, an amazing trip! Meaningful, thoughtful, and fun wedding. Beautiful weather. Quality time with my peach and our friends. Perfecto! Now it's back to the real world and I'm a bit sad. I need to get my butt back into school mode, and it's taking a little bit :) 

I hope all of you have a wonderful week! I look forward to having Hubby back with me here later in the week and (after today, The Day I Bombed an Exam) a much-needed drink with friends. 

Saw this in Raleigh and had to post it :) 


  1. Beautiful pictures! Everyone looks so dashing! xoxoxoo

    1. Why thank you! Love your blog, you have a great eye!


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