October 30, 2012

J + A's Wedding in Gettysburg ♥

Two wedding posts in a row! We were lucky enough to attend two weddings in two weeks' time! So fun! The first was a couple of weeks ago, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Jeff is Brett's former mentor at a D.C. consulting firm many years back (they're really old, LOL! Just kidding); you may remember him from our wedding photos--he was one of B's groomsmen. And Amber is his super lovely new wife! We had so much fun at this wedding; all of their friends are hilarious! We're actually looking forward to visiting everyone in March 2013 in D.C.!

 Rehearsal dinner mirror picture :)
Met Beau Bridges randomly at the end of the night in the hotel lobby!

 Day of the wedding! Look at the handsome groomsmen!

 Cute name place cards!
 Jeff and Amber did something really cool and unique: during cocktail hour, they had their immediate family and the bridal party (and their families/guests) in a room off to the side with apps and wait service so we could spend some Q.T. together and kick back a bit. Really nice!

 The first dance! So sweet! And what an amazing ballroom, right?

 There was a bank vault near the back of the ballroom!

So there you have it! Such a good time with good peoples! Seriously looking forward to our Spring Break visit! 

Jeff and Amber: thank you for including us in your amazing day! We are so happy for you and can't wait to hear about your honeymoon! 

Lovely readers, thank you as always and have a wonderful week!! 

October 26, 2012


Listening to music while I study is paramount. Because we had a grip of tests this week, I got the chance to catch up on some muzack on Spotify.

Now, I have to give LOTS of credit to an ex-boyfriend for opening my ears to music I would never have listened to on my own and this band is my favorite. [Another goodie: Desaperacidos] One of the best shows I've ever been to was in a teeny tiny venue on a cold winter day in Seattle to see Japanther perform in front of maybe 50 people. The band consists of two guys on microphones made out of old telephones. They used a tape recorder as back-up music and had to fast-forward and rewind a lot.

It was. Amazing.

Give a listen to "Come Back Home," a song I'm obsessed with from their 2011 album, Beets, Limes, and Rice. The lyrics = so good.

I was the drug you were the overdose 
I was the hole you were the holy ghost 
holding me up, keeping me safely at home 

You were a voice, I was the vulture 
And it was a choice and you weren't so sure 
So you packed your bags, and sprouted some wings of your own 

You were a door, tried to stay open 
I was the floor, hoping you'd walk back in 
Please don't leave me baby come back home 
(oh oh oh oh) 

The sound of your feet pounding the pavement 
Shaking the streets, make these walls cave in 
Please don't leave me baby come back home 
(oh oh oh oh) 

I lived in this bar, ever since the day you left 
Been trying hard to drink myself to death 
And I never thought I would run into you here 

So buy me a drink, and tell me you love me 
And please take me home, before things get ugly 
I needed your breath whispering soft in my ear 

You were a door, tried to stay open 
I was the floor, hoping you'd walk back in 
Please don't leave me baby come back home 
(oh oh oh oh) 

The sound of your feet pounding the pavement 
Shaking the streets, make these walls cave in 
Please don't leave me baby come back home 
Please don't leave me baby come back home

We are now off to Charlotte for Brett's cousin, Shelton's wedding! So excited! :) Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

October 24, 2012


Yeah, this post is a couple weeks late, but, let's be honest, you weren't holding your breath :) It's really just a self-indulgent show-and-tell anyway of all the outrageous fun we had in the greatest city in the world! Here's a list of what we did in four days:

  • Went to a taping of the Late Show with David Letterman and saw him interview John Goodman
  • Biked along the Hudson River
  • Toured a brewery in Brooklyn
  • Ate a lot
  • Walked a lot
  • Hung out with a lot of friends... a lot
  • Brett went to a Yankees v. Orioles game while...
  • I lady-dated with a few of my very favorite lady dates at a super authentic and delish Japanese joint (although they--my sweet friends, an issei and nisei--informed me that being yonsei is just like being haole...great)
  • Ate the best ramen ever with the sweetest couple ever
  • Had New York style pizza at 2am
  • Slept in... every morning
  • Didn't think about work and/or school
  • Took the subway a lot
  • Birthday'd it up with Hunter College friends
  • Artsy fartsy stuff (the Met = happy place)
  • Central Park'd
  • Visited the World Trade Center Memorial and Tribute Center

Here's the roundup of pics!

Rupert from the Late Show!

Dr. Lina! :)

Impressionism is my favorite, in case you hadn't noticed :)

Jasper Johns is Brett's favorite


Yes, there are a ton of me-pics, what can I say? That's what happens when there's just two of us and when I demand Hubby not only carry our camera but take an ungodly amount of photos of me too. Just kidding! He's just that in love with me, duh :P

With Hawaii friends at the Brooklyn Brewery!

So yum!

Kristina, Janet, and I! Y'all already know Kristina, but this was the first time I got to meet Janet, who is a huge inspiration to me and to a lot of people! You can read more about her amazing journey and get to know her here. And believe me, you want to know this woman! Love her!

Heehee, Kristina. Can't you just wait one more millisecond before you start complaining about the multiple flashes?! LOL!

At the World Trade Center Tribute Center. Incredibly poignant and haunting.

A fallen firefighter's helmet and coat

The Survivor Tree: only a stump was left after 9/11 but it was nursed back to health!

Honolulu Fire Department shirt ♥

On the way to the airport! And another wonderful misadventure in the books! Can't wait for our next one!

Soon: wedding posts! We have the pleasure of going to two weddings in two weeks' time! So fun!
Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your week!

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