October 17, 2012

More than Halfway Done with the Semester!

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This weekend in NYC was an absolute whirlwind of fun and misadventured chaos. Detailed post with pics soon, but first I have to catch my breath and then get through three exams and one quiz all in seven days! Yay! Hence, the title and picture for this post :)

I don't have any other news to break nor time to (not) say it, so I'll just share what Hubs and I email each other throughout the week. Yes, we're in the same state, usually in the same building, and sometimes even sitting at the same table or on the same couch. But, we like making each other laugh, so this is what we do. All the time.

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I'm convinced that you can only give a perfect high-five if you stare at the other person's elbow, 
so we need to work on this one.
spaceghetto (get well soon,sad,roadkill,death,dark)
I pass one of these guys every morning--minus the balloon of course. Sad.
Excuse her French.

Alright, that's just a little sample of our foolishness. We have had a FULL FULL week of packing, unpacking, cleaning, laundry, working, studying, running (Brett only), and now packing again for a wedding in Gettysburg! We are so excited to see one of Husband's groomsman, Jeff, marry his wonderful fiancee, Amber, this weekend!

Cheers and have a fab day! 

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