December 6, 2012

Gone on Vacay!

Greetings from Hilo, Hawaii! I am a negligent blogger and didn't write a "To Be Continued" post before galavanting off. My bad.

So, here I am, in bed writing a quick post from my phone. Brett is running (training for another marathon) and I'm being lazy in bed. What? I'm on vacation.

So we spent four amazing days on Oahu with the fam and extended fam (my friends, who I've known forevs so they're my fam too).

Now we're exploring a couple outer islands and it's been so long that I feel as haole over here as Brett does. Now it's really a vacation.

Playing gin rummy at the airport. I kicked his butt, as usual ;)

Walked to Akaka Falls. Beautiful!

Today we're going to hike around the volcanoes and hopefully see some mol. ten. la. va. I try to intrigue Brett with the story of Pele, Hawaiian Goddess of the Volcanoes, but he's not that interested. Good thing I never wanted to be a tour guide.

Funny story: we slept over my Momma's the other night before leaving Oahu and I woke up early and looked out the window to this guy. Scared the begeezus outta me. It's a basketball. Thanks Mom! Good times.

Alrighty folks! I'll try to post again, maybe from Kauai.

Have a wonderful day!

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