December 20, 2012

Hawaii Instapics

Okay I lied, these first four are actually in North Carolina: B finished 3rd in the City of Oaks 10k | walking Baxter in the rain | before the big half-marathon on Thanksgiving morning | Hawaiian poke stack at Yard House!

So we've returned from our Hawaii vacay, happy and relaxed. We spent a lot of time with my family (the loves of my life!) besides being absolutely attached-at-the-hip to each other. And we only argued ONCE! That's right people, I am going to be that smug wife who says, "We hardly ever fight." LOL! And btw, it wasn't even a fight-fight. It was a minor disagreement because I was hangry and didn't want to hike 1.5 miles to see stupid sulfur banks (but eventually did, and giggled when B teased my bad attitude). High-five Shoes!

While being on Oahu was rather hectic and busy, the 8 days spent on Kauai and Hilo were super chill. I even managed to read four magazines and a book! It was fabulous. Here are all the Instagram pics taken.

 Uncle Brett and Auntie Erin with Kaitie cat ♥ | The Shoes lounging on Waikiki Beach
Negi toro at Home Bar--my favorite! I'd been craving that thing | The condo we rented in Hilo (

 At Akaka Falls near Hilo | Brett getting his Hawaiiana on in the lava tubes
Happy Hour in Kona | A baby pig following Brett on our hike!

 Date night al fresco in Kapaa, Kauai | Hawaiian sunsets are the best
Last night in Kauai, all dressed up! | Booze cruise courtesy of my Mom! Thanks Momma! ♥

Four generations of good genes ♥ These women are my world | Playing in the rain with our niece and nephew
Christmas throwback--and why I love this time of year so much! My fam is the bestest | This year's Christmas decorations :) 

Hubby and I came home to a very festive home thanks to Ma and Pa Shoe! Yesterday and today have been crazy busy as we both try to catch up on errands, work stuff (him), Christmas duties, etc. Slowly but surely, we are getting back into our routine. 

I will post again soon with all of our Hawaii pics! I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season and thank you for reading!

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  1. aww love! your christmas card is so cute <3!!

    you're so lucky you get to go home so much haven't back back to hawaii in sooooooooooooo so long! miss it so much.. my heartaches whenever i think of home!


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