December 29, 2012

Kauai: Vacay Pics Part 2

Funny story about Kauai. Whenever we travel to far-away places, we like to "stay local," ie not in resorts but in low-key hotels or rentals that we wouldn't be tied to and could leave freely to explore the outside world. We don't want to be "one of those tourists" who spend more time at the posh hotel pool than discovering whichever exotic locale we're lucky to be in. But in Kauai, we got sucked in: hammock-lying, sun chair-lounging, mai tai-drinking, book-reading, hot tub-wrinkling time.

It. Was. Awesome. We're no longer hyper-critical of "those tourists."

But we also got some hiking and exploring done, too.

And of course, we got lost.

Views of our room

We decided to try ziplining. It was my first time and Brett's third. For the record, I'm deathly afraid of heights!

Brett likes this picture since, "This is what pure terror looks like."

Me, questioning everything.

Made it! And it was sooo fun! Those suspension bridges were probably the WORST part.

Love this man ♥

Helmet head

The ziplining crew

Waimea Canyon

Husband got such a kick out of the fact that it says "wrapping paper," who would throw wrapping paper down the toilet?

We were so excited to just stay in with a rented DVD, some beer, and pizza. Senior citizen status.

The Maniniholo Dry Cave

We didn't get to hike the Kalalau Trail (the uber-famous, awesome one) because it was so rainy, windy, and muddy, but all-in-all, this was an incredible time! More relaxing than adventurous, HOWEVER! the zipline was enough adrenaline for me! I would go again, maybe :)

Stay tuned for the last installment, back in Oahu, to come tomorrow!

Thank you for reading and enjoy your weekend!

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