December 30, 2012

Oahu (Again): Vacay Pics Part 3

Last installment of our Hawaii vacay pics! Since Brett made me go ziplining, I made him go sailing! He gets really seasick, so he was not a happy camper. Thankfully, the waves were mild and we had a great time! Thanks again, Momma, for the sunset booze cruise tickets! :)

Random fisherman standing on a rock or something

He ended up having a great time and even saw mermaids

Tanner's Christmas pageant! Isn't my family beautiful?

He was sooo nervous :(

Pau! Playtime with sister.

Lunch with the whole family...

Followed by shave ice. Baba keeps Kaitlin warm :)

Night out with the besties 

Missing Kristina: ENT

I was in bad shape the next day, at Tanner's 4th birthday party. Brett started calling me Auntie Palu. 

Happy birthday, sweet pea! ♥

Love these!

The girls, going for a cruise. Peyton's face is the best!

Meeting Brady for the first time!

Dayne makes everybody cry

Last day with my munchkins :'(

Last night out with my buddies

Last day with my favorites, Kari and Mia &hearts

Mia is mesmerized by my Momma!

Got a picture in the Honolulu Pulse photo gallery with the gorgeous Bamboo Sky crew, Tiffany, Shane, and Shauna!
And fin! So blessed to have a wonderful cast of characters in my life. And sooo thankful to Husband for arranging and planning the whole trip! I'm sooo lucky. I love that boy.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve! Hubby and I are spending it with a few friends in Raleigh and ringing in 2013 proper: with a big fat kiss! I hope you do the same with your special someone!

I can't wait to start the new year! I have a few fun, exciting projects up my sleeve that I can't wait to share with you! I wish you much cheer and joy in 2013 and always. Thank you for reading!

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