December 28, 2012

Oahu and BI: Vacay Pics Part 1

With Kari and Mia on our first night in Hawaii ♥ I love these girls sooo much :)
Happy Almost-2013! We (CU pharmacy students) are in the LAST week of our month-long Christmas vacation and trying to appreciate every last moment of it! I don't know about you, but I'm really looking forward to ringing in the New Year--2013 is going to be fab! 

I present to you more Hawaii vacay pics: on Oahu with friends and fam, then on the Big Island with coqui frogs and molten magma.

 Brett was worn out from playing with our nephew and niece all day. Naptime!

My boys from high school days (forever ago). They're the best :)
Kari, Meesh (thank you for coming to see us on your dinner break!), Husband
 Our awesome condo rental. Loved it!

Akaka Falls
This was my view pretty much 70% of the time 

Volcanic steam vent

The damn sulfur banks that I did NOT want to hike 1.2 miles to see

What a turd

Lava tube

From a recent-ish eruption

Hapuna Beach in north Kohala

 First acai bowl ever! So good! 

 Black sand beach

Such a fun, relaxing time! I feel very very lucky to have a patient, adventurous-but-not-reckless, silly travel mate with the same (amazing) taste in music. As in: I could blast Taylor Swift through the Volcanoes National Park for 6 hours and he put up with it. Thanks, man. 

More vacation pics to come! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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