January 6, 2013

2013, I Like You Already!

Hey guys! Felt like writing a quick catch-up post, so here's the pics from New Year's Eve and this past weekend's Apothecary Ball...

 Our little family celebrating 2013


 The ladies ♥

 This dude, my forever-midnight-kiss

 "Hello? Yeah. Who's this?"

 At the Apothecary Ball

 So stoked to win this. Thanks P2's! :)

I've briefly mentioned in the last post about my Happiness Project for 2013. My life is pretty amazing, and I have absolutely nothing to complain about (home/husband, family, family-in-law, friends, school, finances, creative pursuits, travel goals, down-time, yoga/run-time, me-time = all sublimely satisfying; my cup runneth over). It's not like I'm unhappy. But this year, I want to take the time to slow down and appreciate all that I have, try to make an impact in the world, and find more peace. 

So, I've read this book, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, and I've made goals for every month this year, starting with January: energize. I've followed Rubin's outline, more or less, since it's pretty similar to my own goals, with minor tweaks here and there to personalize the details more to my life. 

This month I've vowed to organize, organize, organize: my closet, school work, our dreaded junk drawer, exercise routine, and sleep schedule. Baby steps. Simple to-do lists. For example, Rubin created the One Minute Rule: if it takes less than a minute to complete, do it. Pay the bill that came in the mail, put the umbrella away, file paperwork, hang up your coat. Another good one is the 15 Minute Tidy-Up: taking 15 minutes before bed to pick up the house a bit and prepare for the next day. I like to lay out my next day's outfit so I don't have to think in the morning, standing in our unbearably cold walk-in closet half-awake.

All year long, I'm also trying to be more positive, which means no less gossiping (baby steps!), complaining, nagging, and moping. If you start acting the way you want to feel, you trick your brain into thinking you really do feel that way! In other words, if you're annoyed by overly optimistic Pollyanna-types, I advise you to stop reading this blog. If not, I encourage you to make your own Happiness Project for 2013. 

I hope that you have a wonderful week and thank you, as always, for reading!

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  1. aww you look gorgeous in your new years dress hon!! and i adoooooooooooooore the dress you wore to your pharm ball the white and gold brocade looks so beautiful on you! happy new years dear :)


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