January 19, 2013

Weekend Catch-Up

Hey readers! It seems like the only time I have to write a post these days in on the weekends, when I finally get a chance to catch my breath. It gets harder to balance school, sleep, social and domestic life these days! One (or more) is always getting a tad neglected. 

The photo above is a reminder to myself to "Be Present." I'm often so busy multitasking, making and checking off lists, and planning the next thing that I forget to live in the moment and treasure every single day. I guess that's why Huz and I enjoy living in suburbia so much lately--life is a little slower and a little sweeter.

We made dinner plans tonight with some friends from school, but other than that, no obligations this weekend! There is nothing better than to have absolutely nothing planned sometimes, don't you think? In other words:

We are undoubtedly in the routine-loving part of the cycle at the moment. This weekend is solely devoted to enjoying the weather, cleaning up around the house, sturking (study/work), catching up on couch time, magazine- and book-reading, and other delicious domestic tidbits. 

I love a relaxing weekend with no exams the following week!

Here are some recent-ish Instagram pics.

 1. Baked gingerbread cupcakes for the Shoes' Christmas get-togethers
2. All the gorgeousness at the parentals-in-law's
3. Santa and his elf on Christmas morning
4. Brett checked my Pinterest for this Christmas gift! Akamai, that dude.

 1. A run before New Year's Eve gluttony
2. NYE celebrations with Laura (in my new dress from Husband!)
3. My foxy outfit from the PIL's (all from Dorothy Perkins)
4. A beautiful day out riding my bike for 70 minutes while Hubs ran (10 miles). 
The lower half of my body hated me the next day

 1. Almost done planning our Europe trip for May! The Shoes like their research :)
2. From our photo shoot 
3. A walk at Umstead State Park last Sunday (it was 73 degrees!)
4. LOVING our new pillowcases from our sweet friends, Robert and Teri

I hope you're also enjoying your weekend--whether it be full of activities and parties, or like ours--boring old people stuff! Thanks for reading and have a lovely week!

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  1. Me encanta tu estilo!! es genial!! te sigo para quedarme!!! me ha gustado mucho!!

    te animo a que visites mi blog y seguirme si te gusta!!
    un besito!! gracias!


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