February 23, 2013

Design Obsession

I recently read in a blog somewhere that the author is either utterly obsessed with something or completely disinterested and it struck a chord with me--I'm the same way! I tend to fixate on a particular project or "thing" (ie, full skirts, cat eye liner, statement necklaces, red lipstick, wedge heels, Game of Thrones...) and it takes over my life. I have problems. Currently, the obsession rotation is: future house, spring clothes, travel plans, and... Game of Thrones.

I love to scroll through design blogs and Pinterest some of the rooms that catch my eye. Daydreaming about our future family home is one of Hub's and my fave topics during long drives. Bedrooms: five. Bathrooms: six. Kitchen: huge and well-lit. Skylights. Deck. Firepit. Pool: maybe. Gym: hopefully in the basement with the game room and bar. Lots of outdoor space to entertain. Big yard for our 3 (or 4) Shoebabes to run around. A doberman (that's all Brett). A giant walk-in (that's all me). One day, maybe we'll get around to building this imagined little fortress of ours.

For now, here's some eye candy for your Saturday.

gorgeous copper pendant and ethnic print mash up
fur and snowy backdrop
dark cozy cave
 antlers, brick and raw wood
LOVE this one--faux deer head, subtle chandelier, and all that natural lighting
 the backsplash can double as a chalkboard for lists and love notes
the industrial-style lamps are great, too
 pretty and serene
 clean lines, raw materials
 high steel-framed glass wall--amazing
 bright and simple with big sink and open shelving
 black and white and vintagey
inspired kitchen: white subway tile, big hood, steel glass chandelier

We have our first patient case day on Monday and big exam on Thursday, so I better get back to studying! It's a very "Seattle-y" weekend in NC so perfect curl up and study weather! 

Have a wonderful Saturday and don't forget to daydream a little bit, too ;)


  1. That snowy forest wall is absolutely beautiful!
    Jillian - http://epic-thread.blogspot.com

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