April 30, 2013

The Gorgeous Feeling of Teetering in the Unknown

Brett and I leave for Spain and Italy on Friday! We are so excited--I've only been to Venice (in September 2001--we found out about 9/11 from a streetside Venetian wine vendor, who expressed his condolences to us, Americans--so we cut our trip short) and Brett has never been so you can imagine our excitement.

I don't know where that quote, above, came from (I found it on Pinterest) but it's so true! There is something so refreshing about traveling to some completely foreign place and not knowing what lies around the corner. From new languages, food, sights, art and architecture, to natural wonders and just being awed, travel is the most exhilarating way to spend your time and, of course, hard-earned dollahs. 

Another quote I read is (to paraphrase) life is like a great volume of books and if you never leave your corner of the world, it's like never turning the first page. Thus, for some travel inspiration, I present some of the travel bucket list I've compiled on Pinterest. Do you have a list of places you'd like to go?

 Cairo // Bali
 The Great Wall of China
 Ephesus, Turkey // Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia
 Serengeti National Park, Tanzania // Vanuatu, Fiji
 Reykjavik, Iceland

Do these make you want to start packing your bags, too? Maybe it's time to start planning that next misadventure!

Lastly, I leave you with this fantastic Mark Twain quote:
I hope you have a very happy Tuesday and wonderful rest of the week!

April 13, 2013

BFF Got Engaged!

He put a ring on it!

I'm so thrilled to wish Kristina, my best friend for almost two decades and one of the loveliest souls I know, a huge CONGRATULATIONS on her recent engagement! Exactly one week ago, her love of 4+ years got down on one knee at sunset in Jamaica to ask her to be his wife.

Sure, he's marrying Kris, but he's stuck with us: Nikki, Tricia, and I, forever too. And WE are so happy for them both! Brendan, you're a very smart and lucky guy! Take care of this one, she's a keeper! ♥

Totally looking forward to this wedding--it's sure to be a stylish and chic affair with amazing food (she works in fashion and has a talent for baked goodies and he has his own pickle line! You have to check it out: Donovan's Cellar, their stuff is so freaking delicious!).

Big hugs to my girl from across a few hundred miles. I am so honored to stand beside you as one of your bridesmaids and can't wait to start helping with the planning! :) Love you!

Y'all, have a wonderful weekend! We have a mini-date night planned for tonight and tomorrow Brett will be running in another half-marathon! Twelve more days of school before we're done this year!


April 5, 2013

Fashion Friday: Summer Vacation!


Recently inspired from this post from Coco + Kelley, I thought for this week's Fashion Friday I would post some summer vacation inspiration.

With one more pharmacology exam under our belts, we are that much closer to the end of the semester (see: this). So durn excited for April 26th! We need this summer to start neow!

Here we go, and check out this link for your online shopping sources--but maybe hide your credit cards first ;)

boho maxi and unbuttoned button-up // sweet and flirty off-the-shoulder dress
keyhole summer playsuit // neon and gold full skirt
double-slit black maxi for a relaxed afternoon // the perfect layering pieces for a day at the beach
striped and fedora'd and herme'd // pretty baseball cap to protect your noggin
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

This photo oozes happy girl on vacay, and it inspired my all-white obsession. Let me explain: now I have this fantasy of wearing only bright white errrrthang while in Europe with Husband (which is REALLY HAPPENING in LESS THAN a MONTH!). It's not very practical, but I will for sure bring a LOT of white pieces. White looks so good with a tan, which is happening ASAP.

perfect backless little white dress // pretty flowing backless maxi
white strappy jumper // the prettiest lace coverup
1 // 2 // 3 // 4

We just got our Eurail passes in the mail, so are starting to really plan out our daily itineraries and we are getting so excited! I wish Husband and I could be on vacation together right now!! But... I'll be patient. Just a few more weeks :)

Sunny weather is just around the corner! We're (hopefully) slugging through the last of our cold weather here in NC before the temps rise to the 70s next week. Soooo tired of boots, tights, long pants, and heavy coats! My summer dresses and shorts are just itching to get out!

I guess the real theme of this post is my struggling patience, lol. It's been a long year.

I hope you all have a great weekend! We have a birthday dinner and lots of relaxing in the works!

Thank you for reading!

April 3, 2013

The Countdown

Twenty-two more days left of our P2 year.

Thirty more days until EuroMisadventure with Husband.

Fifty-one more days until Cabo with the girls for Christine's bachelorette fiesta and then two whole weeks in Hawaii with my family and friends--who I miss like CRAZY!

Twenty-two more days. Nine more exams. Then we'll be P3's. Holy moly.

C a n n o t  w a i t .

That's all. Happy Wednesday!

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