April 13, 2013

BFF Got Engaged!

He put a ring on it!

I'm so thrilled to wish Kristina, my best friend for almost two decades and one of the loveliest souls I know, a huge CONGRATULATIONS on her recent engagement! Exactly one week ago, her love of 4+ years got down on one knee at sunset in Jamaica to ask her to be his wife.

Sure, he's marrying Kris, but he's stuck with us: Nikki, Tricia, and I, forever too. And WE are so happy for them both! Brendan, you're a very smart and lucky guy! Take care of this one, she's a keeper! ♥

Totally looking forward to this wedding--it's sure to be a stylish and chic affair with amazing food (she works in fashion and has a talent for baked goodies and he has his own pickle line! You have to check it out: Donovan's Cellar, their stuff is so freaking delicious!).

Big hugs to my girl from across a few hundred miles. I am so honored to stand beside you as one of your bridesmaids and can't wait to start helping with the planning! :) Love you!

Y'all, have a wonderful weekend! We have a mini-date night planned for tonight and tomorrow Brett will be running in another half-marathon! Twelve more days of school before we're done this year!


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