April 30, 2013

The Gorgeous Feeling of Teetering in the Unknown

Brett and I leave for Spain and Italy on Friday! We are so excited--I've only been to Venice (in September 2001--we found out about 9/11 from a streetside Venetian wine vendor, who expressed his condolences to us, Americans--so we cut our trip short) and Brett has never been so you can imagine our excitement.

I don't know where that quote, above, came from (I found it on Pinterest) but it's so true! There is something so refreshing about traveling to some completely foreign place and not knowing what lies around the corner. From new languages, food, sights, art and architecture, to natural wonders and just being awed, travel is the most exhilarating way to spend your time and, of course, hard-earned dollahs. 

Another quote I read is (to paraphrase) life is like a great volume of books and if you never leave your corner of the world, it's like never turning the first page. Thus, for some travel inspiration, I present some of the travel bucket list I've compiled on Pinterest. Do you have a list of places you'd like to go?

 Cairo // Bali
 The Great Wall of China
 Ephesus, Turkey // Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia
 Serengeti National Park, Tanzania // Vanuatu, Fiji
 Reykjavik, Iceland

Do these make you want to start packing your bags, too? Maybe it's time to start planning that next misadventure!

Lastly, I leave you with this fantastic Mark Twain quote:
I hope you have a very happy Tuesday and wonderful rest of the week!

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