May 24, 2013

Babymoon Part III: Firenze and Roma!

Last installment: Florence and Rome! The art we saw here was to-die-for: Michaelangelo's David, La Pieta, and the Sistine Chapel, Raphael's School of Athens, and so much more. LOVE. Did y'all know I was one studio art class away from graduating with an art history minor? Not that I remember much or can dish Dali or Goya with you or anything. But I appreciate art, even after 16 days of it.

Anyhoo, here's what we saw and did in Florence.

 The Duomo 

 Ponte Vecchio


 Dinner in an off-the-beaten-path square
The sun set at around 8:30 every night, so we hardly saw night time (we're old and go to bed early, a far cry from vacations past!)

 Florence from Piazza Michaelangelo

 Brett yelling "Monkey! Monkey woman!" at me and doing a monkey dance from across the square. This guy.

 What? It was bright.

 Selfie in our hotel room. So much pasta in there and a tiny little baby too, the size of an avocado.

 Now in Rome, the Spanish Steps.

 At the Vatican

 St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City

 The very crowded Trevi Fountain. 
By this time, we were pretty sick of crowds. LOL

 An impressive sarcophagus

"Are we done looking at art yet?"

 The Colosseum! Amazefest!

 Love this guy

 More gelato!

 The Pantheon at night under a full moon

 The Mouth of Truth (I love Roman Holiday!)

 More pizza! Husband is actually THRILLED.

 Our last meal of pear salad, gnocchi, spaghetti, and of course gelato!

 Quite the finale!

On the bus going to the airport! We don't want to sit on a plane for 14 hours!

It actually felt GREAT to come home and get back to some sort of routine. This trip was SO FUN but also a lot of work! And the walking killed us. LOL. I would say as far as relaxing trips go, this one is not high on our list. I'm glad we didn't do this for our honeymoon and lounged around in Thailand and Cambodia instead. LOL. That's just us.

It was super romantic though! Thank you again, Brett, you are definitely my best travel buddy. I was a whiny, grumpy, tired, hungry preggers chick and you handled me like a champ! We learned that afternoon naps, silly jokes, and frequent snacks are MUSTS, LOL :) When's our next trip together? ;)

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, y'all! 


  1. Thanks for your inspiration... I'm planing my honeymoon for this August and we think we're going to Spain. Maybe Madrid, but I kinda just want to lounge along the Mediterranean. You guys look like you had an awesome time :)

  2. First, we loved Spain but I hope one or both of you speak Spanish! Second, I would suggest you fit in less city destinations like the white hill towns of Andalusia in the south and the beachy San Sebastien in the north. Not to mention Sevilla and Granada too of course. Happy planning! And happy almost-married! :)

  3. *sigh* this soooo brings memories of my honeymoon (last june). I loved everything about Italy and I plan to go back! My husby and I had gelato every single night...maybe even twice a day! haha


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