May 28, 2013

Cabo for Lil Gomez!

Made it to Hawaii after three days and nights in Cabo! It was soooo much fun and now I'm definitely ready for some R&R in HI! Thanks, girls for all the laughs and to Christine: love you and can't wait for your wedding! Here are some pics I took and/or stole from the other girls. Seriously, way too much fun. This mama is tired!

Saying buh-bye to the husband ♥

 Flight was delayed for four hours on the runway due to thunderstorms. My feet were so swollen and gross after!

 Pretty nice reward!

 The bride-to-be and I! Plus Babyshoe!

 Some of the mischief

 Long lost friends from Seattle! So good to see you, Adam, and meet your lady love! 

 Sorbet poolside. All inclusive = eat all day

 Boat ride to El Arco and Lover's Beach

 Lots of hangovers in one picture

 The bride with her sisters!
 Last breakfast together
 Love this chick! Thanks for the invite and see you in HI for your BIG DAY! ♥

 Got delayed in LA for 6 hours but met Barry Weiss from Storage Wars, so it was alright ;)
He's my favorite.

Sidenote: bought our first baby thing from H&M the other day.
It's all really happening!

Got NOTHIN' planned for Hawaii except mellow downtime with all the homies :) Can't wait to see everyone and to eat my face off. 

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week!

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