May 22, 2013

Europe Babymoon Misadventure, Part I: Spain

We're back from our trip! It was amazing and romantical and exciting, but also kind of stressful, crowded, and exhausting! All in all, a success! So much fun was had with my manfriend on our "last big international trip before Babyshoe!"

Here's a summarized list of all we saw, ate, and did: art, churches, walking, bench-sitting, gelato, clusters of tourists everywhere, beach-laying, napping, picnicking, pastries, cured meats, cheese, fruits, paella, pasta, pizza, walking, standing in lines, lots of public transportation (we're now experts!), hiking, walking. We walked, I would estimate, between 5-10 miles a day. Seriously. For my birthday gift, Brett bought me a new pair of walking shoes. LOL.

Here are some pics from Madrid and Barcelona.

 Our hotel in Madrid

 The Royal Palace


Making faces in Zara

 High-speed train to Toledo!

 Picnicked and then napped 

 Tired pregnant hobo needed a nap!

 I'm the birthday girl, so I got some spaghetti and then gelato!

 Our amazing hotel, Le Meridien, surprised us with champagne and strawberries for my birthday!
We passed on the champagne, but the strawberries were gone in 30 seconds.

 All Gaudi, all day.

I loved Spain! I'll try to post the Italy pics soon--but I leave for Cabo and Hawaii on Friday and gotta get so much stuff done first! For now, I will say a HUGE thank you to my Brett for this amazing trip! You spoil me, and I'm so lucky to have spent 24/7 with my fave person for 16 days! So I can't read a map and you hate asking for directions, but at least we can laugh at ourselves. Love you ♥

Thanks y'all for reading, and I hope you have a fab week!

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